Cloudy offerings

Hi, I wanted to know about the state of an offering and its meaning. I gave an offering of Wild Turkey whiskey, and it got cloudy over night. I thought it was due to it being in a sliver cup. I gave a fresh shot of whiskey in a clear shot glass with the same outcome.

Is it good or bad? Is it the nature of the whiskey? It is majorly cloudy and even seems to have brownish floating specks in it. This is just over night. I leave half finished whiskey around on a normal night, not as an offering, and it is drinkable for days.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Food/drink offerings “going off” quickly is common, and it’s a good sign, it means the life-force or whatever has been taken by the spirit.

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When I have made offerings of wine I find this is almost always the case.
Just by smelling it after I take the offering I can tell it has “gone off” a lot more than a glass of wine that I simply leave somewhere (not as an offering.)

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I’ve experienced the same with Scotch. It will be cloudy, and have a very strong fermented kind of smell to it. Not the pleasant fermented kind of smell, more like the smell of a garbage can sitting in a hot garage for a week kind of fermented. Like the Good Lady says, I view that as a sign the spirit has taken the offering.

Yay! Thank you guys! It feels good having a offering accepted. I wish to do this more often. I would like to do a general offering of thanks. There are spirits all around people helping them for no reason, no thanks. Even a spirit you may have asked something and forgot about it. Just all known and unknown spirits who are on your side and they never get any credit.

To eliminate a natural explanation, put some out that is NOT an offering. See what happens.

That makes sense. But a shaman once told me that once you’ve made some food offering to a God you can eat it and it would have some healing properties. This is really confusing.

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It’s generally not good to do that with anything offered to a demon, they seem to draw life energy in a way that leaves little of value behind. I’d add a double layer of caution about anything offered to Belial, he likes what’s his to be his, and unless you’re doing something he instructed, he’ll be very annoyed.

The concept of eating offerings afterwards as blessed food is used a lot in Hinduism, but you need to make absolutely clear that the spirit is okay with this, and it’s more common with gods, for example - very often, food offered in temples was consumed by the priests and temple staff afterwards.

But only do this if it’s within an accepted paradigm or you have good enough communication with the spirit to know they’re willing to bless the food.

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