Cloud gazing/Sun gazing

I remember as a kid always looking up at clouds and sensing shapes out of them/visualizing shapes out of them.

Is it a possible divination practice in its own right?

Sun gazing was mentioned in some areas of the Egyyptian Book of the Dead as a practice to open the third eye. In sites regarding the pineal gland, it connects sungazing with the pineal to reawaken the pineal/strengthen the pineal.

Any merit in either as serious practice?


James Del Fuego

Yes, cloud gazing is a divination practice. There are some traditional interpretations, but even without some more commonly structured forms gazing will help quite your mind, letting possible information come to and through you.

Sun gaze during the last 45 minutes of daylight. Pull the light through your aura and let it penetrate your core.

Thanks 333, thats along my thought on it too.
555, thank you as well, I will do so.

James Del Fuego

I have done the same with clouds as a little girl, and even after it. I always loved to see the shapes and go further with my imagination…About sky gazing, i made it a few times, but mostly at night, to the clear, moonless night sky and it was a very good and enthralling sensation, it happened naturaly, i mean we did not went there for the purpose (many times it used to be with a mountaineer team, and it happenned to me naturally when we were sleeping outdoors…) One of the best i had was in a cromlech, called Almendres cromlech, here in Portugal, you can search it on the web, (again we went there to visit the place but we stood for the night…), it was so wonderful and kind of hypnotic, as if we were drowning inside the nightsky, floating and the stars and darkness were blending and changing…Unfortunatelly, Its very rare i can do it, mostly due to the stress on my life right now, but it was really great and i felt a great sensation and better after doing it. What do you think about this nightsky gazing, did you ever tried it?

For me, just sunrise and sunset as far as sungazing. Yeah, looking at the cromlech you mentioned, looks very cool. That would be awesome to be there on a clear night, I bet.
Did you do that recently when the planets were aligned by the moon?

James Del Fuego