Closing sigil before time?

So I had a couple sigils opened after using the Demons of Magick book.

The problem with it was my intent. I used the rituals there with a bit of fear and more or less felt like I compelled the demons to do their tasks and bind them with the names of god/angels.

I’ve read that the difference in intent between a business partner, and basically a slave, matters to these great entities.

I definitely feel as though Sitri was mad af with my original intent. I felt his aura and it was powerful and constantly felt like it was watching me with some sort of malice.

When I read the matter of intent, and also my sense of fear for these entities has morphed more into respect and I want to build a relationship with them, I gathered the 4 sigils, and spoke to them as though I were speaking to an ordinary group of people, apologising for compelling, and said I would release them from their tasks.

The heavy feeling in my chest has gone away and the maliciousness I felt every time I looked at Sitri’s seal has completely disappeared and is now more of a familiarity.

With that said, since the tasks were not completed and I’m going to close the sigils by burning, should I still offer their offerings?

My initial thoughts on it is that I will still give the offerings as a peace offering to start anew with our relationship. Is this okay?

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With whose name did you bind sitri?

Rather than bind, I was compelling. As in using the names of EE-AH-OH-EH in their various forms. While I believe the ritual would be fine the same way, it’s where my mind was when I did it.

It was just disrespectful

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