Closing down Chakras for one own's Benefit?

Hello all I think that my Heart Chakra and Solar plexus Chakra turned down from my life circumstances which has been for a few years.I can feel that although it has some pros and some cos, the pros are emotional detachment that being said the sad emotions as well as the happy emotions and also the evil tendencies increased this is better for life’s battles although not good for living hapily. Can an Entity also cause this ? and also I was with a girl the Gods helped me with her and those chakras were fired up and I was in total Joy Nirvana state pure Hapiness we broke and these were left Dead the 2 chakras they recovered a bit but still very low spining I can even feel that they are not right can this lead to health problems I even though myself that some entity is making this even more this is leading me into pure predator mode with zero mercy and affection for humans which might help with my goals. What do you guys think and any Advice would be appreciated.^ ^ Love ya all

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Despite pros and cons, what exactly are you wanting?
You can use this state to your advabtage depending on what exactly you are wanting to so with yourself.

Well yes but can this lead to health problems and also how can I at will make them normal

Weird. -Wasn’t BMOA just about, first blackening and later destroying the chains set by the chakra system?
Because the kunda force exists without it anyway?

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Its possible but you can set up protections to keep you from getting illness.
Its will take dilligent maintenance if you don’t mind putting in effort

I saw some tequniqes in the soul travel course about opening the chakras, I haven’t got the time I’ve been putting my life together and will develop my scrying vision first will these 2 chakras interfere in my spirit comunication and in my ability to comunicate messages to the Gods.

Also can the Gods read a paper messege with my blood on it being burned before an open sigil . And do I need to burn the Spirit’s sigil in order for the spirit to hear me and come or burning the sigil is only for dissmisal I keep 10 sigils in my pocket everday all opened with my blood on them is that a problem sorry if this is a newbie question.

Part of it is about destroying the chakras as they are limiting and separate levels of conscienceness

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BmoA covers expanding consciousness by merging the chakras (the different aspects of consciousness) by unifying them in darkness.