Closed Eyes Vision

Hey there…
From Past few long time i’ve been struggling to Astral Project
While i was progressing One Night while tryin to project I was able to see my room with my Eyes closed i was kinda Shocked and Excited which ruined the whole process…Anyway
Could anybody tell me what it was…Was that My Third Eye Due to which I was able to see my Room with closed Eyes…Or just a Vision of mine???


I’ve experienced this before, and for me it was this >>>

Till now…I can close my eyes, and look around, outside my room. Even far away. It’s not just a vision, it’s your astral sight.

Keep practicing projection. But with that ability, you can actually project without wholly leaving your body.

Like, picture a place you want to go…for example, your friends house or any other place you’re familiar with (for starter). Then with ur mind, picture yourself there, I don’t know if that make sense to you, but that’s how it is.

Just like when projecting or when you are in the astral plane, think of a place you wanna be and you’ll be there.

That’s how much I can explain this…do let me know if you understand.


Bilocation, the skill of being aware of your physical self while also aware of somewhere else astrally.


I will agree that it sounds like your 3rd eye.

Visions might be different for each person, but usually you will know when you have one after you snap out of it. You don’t have control, you can often focus on something you see, but you can’t decide if you will move from there or not or how long it will last. It could be just a picture, or a whole “play” with audibles and such. It can be as vivid as you see with your physical eyes or a bit blurry.