[CLOSED] 5 Free Tarot Readings: Three-Card Spread for PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE (Yokai Yochi Deck)

Hello all,

I am offering 5 “Three-Card Spread” readings which explore past, present, and future. This spread is suitable for looking into likely outcomes or for general insight.

Please keep in mind:

  • All readings will be posted below as well as in my BALG Tarot Journal
  • I am an experienced reader, but I am out of practice
  • No reader is always 100% accurate
  • This is a new deck
  • If you are rude to me, I will not read for you
  • Feedback, negative or positive or neutral, is greatly appreciated

It will likely take me a few days to do these. I am only offering 5 readings, but if we have been homies on BALG for years or you have helped me and are interested in a reading, just post your question below :slight_smile:

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ME ME ME ME ME ME! :smiley:

Any chance you can focus in my current magickal projects?

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I could use some general insight :two_hearts:

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I’ll take a general spread if you will.

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Hi @anon88521623
Yes please. I would like a general reading

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I’ll take a general one if you can.

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@anon88521623 Please one about love in the near future with SV.if possible(if not in general would be good)!Thank you!

I will take a general one please

Con mucho gusto :slight_smile:

I. Past Influence: The Hermit (Karasu Tengu)
II. Present State: The Fool (R) (Shiro Ukari)
III. Probable Outcome: The World (R) (Shishin)

You got three Major Arcana :sparkles:

The Hermit speaks to a period of retreat, inner exploration, and solitude. Time spent seeking knowledge and cultivating the self away from the prying eyes of the world.

The mountains in the Hermit card flow into the tail of The Fool Reversed; you have gathered enough experience and wisdom to begin a new path. But it is new, and you are not quite the Hermit in this endeavor. It warns you not act recklessly and to be mindful of opposing forces.

The World reversed speaks to significant challenges that must be overcome, ultimately leading to the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new chapter.

I think something within you is holding you back or blocking you :thinking:

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I. Past Influence: Page of Swords (R) (Karasu Tengu)
II. Present State: Three of Cups (R) (Chochin-obake)
III. Probable Outcome: Ten of Staves (Ittan Momen)

Page of Swords Reversed speaks to past distractions, misunderstandings, and miscommunications influencing you in the present. Three of Cups Reversed suggests that you have found joy, but it is a form of intoxication instead of true happiness. That or you are currently disconnected from your community and lacking a social outlet. Ten of Staves suggests you are heading towards taking on more than you can handle, or carrying something that you need to let go of. You are coming towards a breaking point.

Are you being manipulated or taken advantage of? Or working too hard to avoid dealing with something difficult?

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Muchísimas gracias, mi estimada :smiley:

Good ol’ skepticism :upside_down_face:

Thanks a bunch for the reading, Myth. You were quite accurate in past and present. We will see about the future.

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Bunea suerte chico :slight_smile:

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This is such a beautiful deck and it completely called everything out for sure. Some of this I have felt

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I. Past Influence: The Hierophant (R) (Kannushi)
II. Present State: Wheel of Fortune (Wanjudo)
III. Probable Outcome: Four of Swords (R) (Ninmenju)

The Hierophant reversed suggests that you have subverted a norm, defied an expectation, broken away from the fold, or otherwise transgressed, and this has led you to where you are now. Good for you :slight_smile:

Wheel of Fortune adds an element of destiny to your present, which is being influenced by forces currently outside of your control. The path you are headed down will bring you out of a period of isolation and stagnation (Four of Swords Reversed). This card represents the “early days” of your next chapter; there is much to come before you close the chapter you will soon be starting.

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Take care of yourself please :two_hearts:
Whatever it is that needs to go, get it gone :muscle:

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I have been. I was hoping for it to get better but it isn’t. I think I need to start disconnecting and moving on.

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Thank you very much! That is probably one of the most positive readings I’ve ever received :slight_smile:

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The cards certainly seem to think so. Don’t waste anymore of your time / energy on whatever this is.

My pleasure :slight_smile:

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Hiiii ill take one if you are still doing thiss :pray::pray: