{closed} 10 free Mermaid and Dolphin Tarot (readings no DMs)

This AI 100% true I had threads that I took a break from life happen and then a month later started back up to finish it off and that’s when the people need the readings most.

The spreads for this deck are anywhere form 3 to 12 cards. The bigger spreads takes about 2-4 hours to really write out what the cards mean and the. What I get off of the cards too. I am super impressed because I normally stay ways from true more Oracle type of cards because I like having the suits and majors and the bigger decks. This one is only 52 cards I believe.


Ayyooo… you know you can always chuck me to the back. Lol.

The mermaids will always speak within divine timing. That is what is being looked forward too.


You will stay in line :joy: I don’t work until May 7th so am pretty sure they will all be done soon. I have do something at 1:40pmbut besides that nothing until
Tomorrow at 3pm. I just like to keep people updated.

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:rofl: hey sometimes at the back of the line you end up getting unexpected surprises with that aha moment lol

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For you I did spread number 4 the four tides.

Card 1

Being of the matter of the Question.

The Water Nymph

“The first step to wisdom is understanding.”

Key word: insight.

Card meaning:
Someone loves your charm but may also secretly love the charms of others, too. Like the usually benevolent Water Nymph, you can be endangered by someone putting on a deceptive show. The perpetrator may be dragged down to his or her own death once you are clearly see the situation for what it is. The sun will set on someone who wants to cling to your light but for you a bright new day will daemon. You possess the paper to end something or gain control. You will not lose something that is being challenged and will succeed by holding fast to your original plans. A journey will be proposed to you and your dearest wishes will come within sight of fulfillment.

My input:
Is the cross roads because you partner feels like you work more then you spend time with them? Are they making feel like you need to choose between the two? (I need more details to help translate this card more).

Card 2 the turning point.

The house glass dolphin.
“Your achievement is only a matter of time.”

Key word: Division

Card meaning:
The Hourglass Dolphin denotes that you are just in time for something that you wish to achieve. As a reminder of mortality, it expresses the transitory nature of time and express the transitory nature of time and experience. Symbolic of “eternal return,” it suggests that going home early every night to sleep and keeping good hours will persuade cosmic forces to create beneficial opportunities. An idea’s germination in darkness will produce crystallization in the light of day. The cross-shaped spot on the light of day. The cross-shaped spot on the Dolphin’s flanks intersects two white areas, including that you are wise to divide your time. In doing so you will enjoy the timeless ecstasy expressed by the shade, revisiting the light of a new day.

My input:
You are completely able to balance both your work life and your romantic life. This card is saying you actually to the two and the balance of the two.

Card 3 reveals the obstacles that stand in your way.

The Roane mermaid
“ Faith seize the horizon beyond the waves.”

Key word: wealth

Card meaning:
The gentle Roane Mermaid who protects seals, predicts that help is coming to you from someone on a high position. Do not be afraid to seek the assistance you need, courage will be given to you because the tide of change and improvement are flowing to your benefit. You are I prosperous circumstances and in luck. The Roane, who delights in annoying fishermen, predicts that your plans will not be thwarted. The sea, constantly in motion, indicates you will suffer no stagnation. You avoid entanglement by going forward and concentrating on all that has to be done. You know what you want and you will get your way before too long.

My input:
If you balance work and love you will be wealthy in many ways.

Card 4 answer
The Undine
“ A stream of plenty will flow into good fortune”

Key word: A chance

Card meaning:
A take about money that is marvelous and unbelievable is about to be told to you. If what arrives or what you her appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. do not meddle in the tears of others or you will find yourself in trouble waters from which it will be difficult to escape. The Undine, a beautiful water nymph with long hair flowing like a a river, augurs that you should follow the lines of resistance to flow out of a difficult situation. By continually doing all that is required of you by the demands of time, you flow to your goal. You will be bathing in all kinds of possibilities and opportunities in you follow your heart in an enterprising venture.

My input:
Stay out of drama if comes up in your life as it pertains to work life. Staying neutral will open up paths for betterment within your career. It also
Looks like if you have been thinking of starting your own business now is the time.

My key take away:
Focus on love and work Nd stay away from drama this will lead you to a very good, rich and comfortable life.

I’m just as confused about the first card. I might have an opportunity for a dream job, but it would be a huge move geographically. I definitely don’t have a partner that thinks I’m too focused on my career, if anything I’m wondering if I should give up on anyone actually loving me and accept that I’m always going to be used. It sounds like the reading is saying things are hard because it’s not the right fit for me, and things would be easy if I was in the correct position.

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Thank you!

I think this is it. With vague questions it’s sometimes hard to get crystal clear answers but it seems like this is what you are thinking about.

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