Climbing the Tree of Life as some do the Qlippoth

In the Qlippoth, certain chants and songs will induce a state where you travel the qlippoth, and most initiation and whatnot occur via dreams.

I want to traverse the tree of life as quickly as one can ascend the qlippoth.

So what is the key to it, path workings? Evoking the Sephora angels?
Mantras, and if so, what are the mantras?

Personally, I do not advise you to quickly ascend either the Tree of Qliphoth or the Tree of Life. I have studied both paths of knowledge for a long time, and it is a very thorough process. The kabbalistic sages took a lifetime to ascend through the Sephirae. Many did not even reach the end. The same with the other side, the Qliphoth.

Climbing to the highest area can be counterproductive. Plus you miss the most important part of the process, which is learning.

May I ask why you are in such a hurry to move up? What exactly are you looking for?


Gonna agree with @Velvetvillain . Some people spend years doing this.

I think it’s almost counterproductive to go as fast as you can. The end goal you have is great, but each step with paths like this is it’s own mini-end or mini-accomplishment. Each stepping stone must be reached with dedication because if you don’t get down the steps along the way in your rush, reaching the point of ‘ascension’ won’t be very meaningful. You can say you’re there, but have you really taken in and mastered the path, have you learned what the path has to offer and have you really ascended it if not?

Unfortunately, I don’t work with angles nearly enough to answer the rest of your question. Best luck discovering this path, hope you post about it!

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