Clearing the air after an awkward night

Hello everyone,

So I’ve [M27] been dating Jess [F27] for about 2 months now. We have a lot in common and have gotten along really well so far. Problem is that we have tried to have sex twice in the past week and I’ve been unable to get an erection either time. It’s been very upsetting for me. After the first time she didn’t act any differently and we were texting at the same rate we were before but after the second time things have gone a bit cold. I wanted to to clear the air a bit and was hoping for some advice on what to say.

tl;dr - I haven’t been able to get an erection the first couple times I’ve tried to have sex with the girl I’ve been dating and now I don’t know how to proceed.

Thank you!

Idk but this sounds like premature erectile dysfunction

check my profile and go to my website I have loads of stuff on erectile dysfunction. do a search at my site on ‘ed’.


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Its a little unorthodox but put a hot porn on TV or watch it alone your favorite pornstar or practices. It will have surely good results. The day when getting intimate try a diet containing Ananas, Oranges, Tomatoes… Try to leave out pig flesh out of the meals. And to be sure the action will be steamy might be interesting to invoke or evoke Asmodeus :wink:

Methamp is good for these situations. You’ll have endless stamina and youll be charasmatic as fuck. :wink:. Thats what i would do… thats just me tho. Im sure most would disagree, but in my defense this method never fails me so long as one dosent do it often and has enough self control to put it down when it needs put down. Shit will make you a sex god.

Evoke beings like Belial and Asmodeus. Evoke/invoke sexual energy or entities. Visualise yourself having sex and feeling ease and satisfaction. There are plenty of ‘playboy’ or whatever personality, performance changing rituals on here. Don’t overthink or let anxieties get to you, relax. Laugh and have the situation be lighthearted if that’s what you need, it could ease you as well. Once you’re familiar with your partner it probably won’t keep happening. This type of problem is usually psychological but not always.