Clearing energy from objects such as phones laptops

Is there energy clearing available to clear negative energy from a new phone purchase or laptop?



Cold watter.
Or Salt water.
Bathe and clean the object with this

Or simply sage it.

Or a old technique, use your left hand, fingers spreaded and breeze lightly above the object, not touching! By inhale imagine all the undesired eneregyse being sucked upon your palm. Shake the energy off and or clean it with runing water. Repeat until your gut and or spiritual perception is telling you it is done.

Or use all of it in combination.


I suggest doing a mantra near them. You may as well place healing crystals near them.


For an object that cannot be washed or submerged in salt, I would use smudging. I have even held the object over candlelight too. Some people use sound such as bells but I have never tried that.

Edited to add: These methods work best for general cleansing not removal of cursed energy or anything like that.


I visualize sunlight or fire energy clearing the object and also specify that it will do no damage to the object

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Put it in the microwave on high for about 2 min. :stuck_out_tongue:

(:exclamation:I’m kidding, please do not do this for any electronic devices :exclamation: )

Saging/smudging is good, failing that, try this:

No kidding lol don’t even do it to anything not electronic that has metal in it. You’ll ruin you microwave. That includes those supposed microwave safe ready in 2 minute drink from instant campbells soups with the metal on the lips.

So with regards to cleansing what about leaving it outside for a day or so weather permitting (and if you can hide the phone while still letting it get sunlight and moonlight where your neighbours won’t see and steal it)? Would that be good enough (given that running water and electrics don’t mix well)?