Clearing a mirror

So we have an antique mirror in our house, actually on the balcony. It feels a bit off. Can it affect us if it is not inside the house? How can I clear the mirror?


Affect you how? This doesn’t really say much about the mirror

You could run a bathtub of salt water and put the mirror in to soak for a few hours.

You might say an incantation over the salt before like, “I command you to absorb all negative and /or toxic energies and to neutralize them, etc” or whatever comes to you.

Project energy at the mirror while visualizing flames that burn off the wierd energy until you feel that it’s “done”.

Use your dominant hand and project energy at the mirror while you make sweeping motions like an “astral eraser”.

Honestly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to method.

Whatever feels correct to you.

You could also outsource…

Have an entity/deity clear it for you.

Hecate is good for banishings (“banish” the mirror to clear it).

Just leave a payment later.

So to do this, you might place the mirror on the sigil/symbol of the entity or deity overnight. (Or longer if you feel it’s necessary)


I agree with @crookedpathfinder, but first, you should put the mirror on the floor, sit in front of it, light a candle and place it on the floor between yourself and the mirror.

Stare at yourself in the mirror as long as you possibly can without blinking. When you blink, stare until you blink again, then once more. As soon as you blink the third time, grab the mirror and scream, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE?!?"

Something cool might happen

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Thank you all for your input. The mirror just feels very off like it is staring at me… if this makes sense. It is made from wood and is from the Ottoman empire so I cannot soak it in water.

@Zapdubious, will this be dangerous? Because now you got me curious :thinking:

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Could it have any entity connected to it, that may bring some bad events into my life.

Mirrors are portals, so it doesn’t necessarily have to have an entity connected to it to give off certain vibrations (they mimic the reflective properties of water, one of the three major gateways to the spiritual realms).


This kind of paranoia can be looked at as a form of self cursing.


Ask yourself whether or not there may be a psychological reason this mirror unnerves you. Does it remind you of something? Something in your past, an event, etc?

I know this is a magic forum, but be careful not to fall into superstition or superstitious fears

Don’t let your mind get the better of you. It’s easy to get all worked up on our own little hamster wheels sometimes.

The magician/witch must rise above this and keep his wits and faculties about him.

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That is awesome, I’m going have to get someone with that

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Thanks I will just sit and scan it and check myself, like you said there may be some Human factor involved here rather than any thing else.

Thanks again, I feel allot better about this now.


Haha, it just popped into my head.
Right after I wrote that I laid down in bed laughing. I started getting the creeps, but it was fun like a lot of shadowy witchcraft can be.

I think you’re good @LSD
Thanks for posting. Mirrors are great.

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I feel as though you aren’t in real danger, but there’s something interesting afoot.

Some sorcerers get used to the idea that our true identity exists in more than one place and time, and that we often confront different versions of ourselves. I suggest that a certain part of, or version of yourself is challenging you in a somewhat friendly but serious way.

Take good care of the mirror and frame. At the very least, some witch with a little extra money might be interested in such an item. “Identify Magic Items” is a useful skill for lots of reasons.