Cleansing with Sage also cleanses the "mundane"

I thought this might be of interest to people here. We all know that Sage Smudging is a useful cleansing ritual that eliminates harmful energies and suppresses negative Entities. Science backs up the use of sage.

Looking at this secularly there is an obvious connection between the past believe that illness is the cause of negative spiritual forces, the use of sage to eliminate said forces, and the current acknowledgement that sage smoke kills pathogens.

Smudging is good for the spiritual and physical health of your household.

Enjoy the read.


Just to get past the smell. :tired_face:

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Ha ha ha yeah, I fill my house up when I smudge. After the smoke settles I use essential oil spray to help the smoke smell. Just some good smelling oil in a spray bottle with some water. Spray the curtains and carpet couch bed. Smudging + Rose scent is actually pretty nice.


I’ll have to try that, I almost always have rosewater on hand.


Me to. Lavender is great for covering up pretty much any smell and mixes well with rose by the way.

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I find sage to be the best cleansing method however the smell of weed it leaves lingering really makes my neighbours think I smoke a lot.

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Ha ha it does smell like that.

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Nice link, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Can Palo Santo be used as a substitute for sage?