Cleansing house with more than just sage?

So this is the first time i’ve had something come into my house unwelcome and besides sage what is a good entity to help push unwanted energies out of my place? Or also things besides sage? It isn’t something I am scared of but I know it’ll feed off of my fiancé’s fears. But there is a twist to this, my fiance had a dream awhile back of the house clear as day besides the front door being a wooden one and someone banging on it. She opens the door to find no one there but then a shadow figure with the voice of a woman came round to the windows banging on the windows saying she was coming for our child. Then next thing you know she is telling me how she keeps hearing a womans voice everyday, nothing crazy like every second but its only talking to her but she asked me what i thought and i said you should of never opened the door because you could of welcomed something. This also started before I got my haunted doll i don’t know if that matter’s because i haven’t felt anything negative from this doll. Its also with me and felt its energy all day and very strong last night that it woke me up. I doubt its the doll but throwing it out there as maybe a possibility? but now that i am gone she is telling me how this unwanted energy is doing its own thing now. Thoughts? more so anything besides just sage lol.

Use a banishing ritual, and set up wards.


So with wards are they easy to make? I have a little wicca store close by that sells some but i also think they are also kind of a joke. Not to totally discredit them but yeah.

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Wards are energetic protections that you create yourself.