Cleansing bad energy without LBRP

How do i cleanse bad energy or anything negative without doing the LBRP cause i can’t do it as I’m living in a chirstian household and i did search about it in here but can’t seem to find it or maybe i didn’t search deep enough but i would really like some help.


You do know the LBRP, which stand for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram uses Hebrew god names and words of power, and invokes angels, right? It is perfectly compatible with Christians.


if you know energy manipulation you can send your own energy out like a bubble around your house with any programming/intent to push out, burn, cleanse, etc your space.

You could evoke an Deity or Angel to aid in banishing dirty energy as well, or nature spirits to help ground that dirty energy.


Magickal Protection by Damon Brand has a super easy banishing that can be done in complete silence in less than 10 seconds.


You can smudge with burning white Sage in the 4 corners of each room whilst doing a cleansing ritual.

Salt or Black salt also works well in the 4 corners with this.

I have also evoked Michael for a ritual to banish and remove parasites and negative energies with great success.


I know but I’m scared to do it when my family is with me. Like don’t i have to use circles and all that? I have seen it on youtube so that’s why I’m kinda hesitant in doing it even tho it uses chirstian names in it.

Not Christian. Hebrew. Compatible but not the same thing lol

No. You draw the pentagrams at the cardinal points and connect them with a line of energy so your’re drawing a circle around yourself. That’s the only circle involved. If someone watched you do it, all they would see is you turning around and tracing something in the air with your finger and vibrating some words.

Another option is using charged water. Pull down power into yourself and let it seep from your fingers into a bowl of lightly salted water. Once you feel the water is full of power, walk around your space and flick it from your fingers, visualising all the dirt and negative energy being burned away by the droplets.


You know that you call on Raphael Gabriel Michael and uriel they are mentioned in the Christianity/bible, the words at the start have got nothing to do with oppressing Christianity


Omg the second is genius and perfect and my family won’t get suspicious as it’s sneaky. Omg thank you! Thank you! You’re the best :hugs:
Hopefully i can use it when i go and stay in my dorm too when i go to my chirstian college.

Yeah i have read in alot of post here before making an account that angels are not associated with Christianity and yes i know it’s not oppressing but I’ll use @DarkestKnight idea cause it is much better for me now.

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Yeah that’s alright, hope you do well

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If you wish to follow christian way, exorcism prayer of st benedict and exorcism prayer to st michael could help too. There is also lot of protestant prayers for intercession of michael. Combine this with lithing candles and sprinkle holy water. Instead of white sage i reccomend resins to burn as incense, frankincense, amber or myrrh. If you google magical psalms you can find a lot of information which psalms you can pray to rid of unwanted energies. The more holly your place will be (with incense and prayer) the less of “low vibration” spirits etc. will be around.


As others have said, the LBRP is perfectly fine in a Christian household.

You can Banish in the name of Jesus and if there is a spirit bothering you, you can fight it to the cross. Visualize a white bubble around you and your loved ones and say in the name of Jesus, I rebuke all malicious spirits and negative energies. I do a similar thing with Freya.

Also call on the Lord and ask him to send his benevolent Angels to protect you.


There is no need for any tools for the lbrp except maybe for a knife (which can be skipped and it can even be a kitchen knife). It is also quite short as a ritual so you will only need about 5-10 minutes of a quiet place.

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Thanks to everyone who helped me,i really appreciate it but i have one more problem I feel kinda embrassed when saying anything that has to do with magick out loud example:like enns So is it okay if i can do it in my mind instead?

I think finding your voice is useful. Theres something about proclaiming, even in a whisper, that lends strength and affirms a belief and intention, which ive found to be vital to potent magical working. It might be something to practice on your journey - dispelling the embarrassment and building a strong, confident practice. Your voice and words have power.

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And while theres already been some marvelous suggestions, im especially a fan of the charged water for cleansing. You could also sprinkle the water with an herb associated with such a thing - my favored choices have been vervain (an ancient greek ward against evil spirits, with holy properties in a slew of cultures) and rue (which was adopted by the catholic church to sprinkle holy water and called “herb of grace”). You could also accomplish with more common cleansing herbs like a sprig of rosemary, thyme, sage, actually the common spice rack has quite a few potent purifiers.

Yea even i like the water idea more i feel like it’s more easy for me and yea I’ll try to build my confidence in saying it out loud or start with whispering at least, thanks for giving me the push to work on my confidence :blush:

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you’re so welcome. Embrace your power always. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Summon Lucifer via his enn and command him to exorcise the space of bad energies. Takes 5 minutes.