Clavicula magica arteum

hi any one work tis book bfre,?it seems similar to giet series like key of salomon etc, but im confused,anyone try tis bfre?thanks

I’m wondering if you could give me a link to what you are looking at there. The Mathers version is missing some material in ch 1,3,5,8,9,11 of book one of the key could it be one of those? Try this, look through and see if you can’t find one of these that matches up.

its a abebooks,$80,but its a booklet,from 1980,carl nagel use it in a few books ,it come whit seals,seems a missing goetic book,i read is a few missing pages&series of goetic,the fact tat carl nagel use a seal to call a demon,make me wonder uf tis book is a missing part,its only one for sale in abebooks,not author,which seems estranged,since its goetic,the book us from uk

Is it in english? or Italian?