Claunek for woodworking business

Hi. I am thinking about doing sigil magick (where you just gaze into the sigil, envision what you want and then ask the entity to do it) for Claunek to help me start a home based woodworking business. From what I understand, requests have to be very specific and concrete (for example, I must ask for my advertising endeavor in a certain magazine to produce results as opposed to “make my business successful”). Is that notion true? How far out in time can the demons typically help?

Make your request/instruction clear enough that you or someone else could look at the evidence and say, yes, it clearly happened. So at least clear enough that you could measure it in some way, at least subjectively yourself.

For example, “Make my business successful” without having a business already would be impossible. “Help me start a business and become profitable within 2 months” is a measurable result, since you can after those 2 months check and see if it happened.

As far as time goes with demonic magick, my experience has been that it works fast within a few moments to a couple weeks at most. Reports I have read from others tend to say that it happens fairly quickly, relatively to other forms or types.

However there is no limit on what you can do with it, that is just a typical story that is more common. You have to do your own experiments and try it out for yourself. Magic of any kind is ultimately about your own personal results.