Clauneck or Bune

I have read on a few posts here that the way bune works is by randomly giving you money . E.g an inheritance etc . And the way Clauneck works is by giving you money through a stream you already have set up . Is this true ? If not which one can help me make money through my apps ?

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Clauneck :slight_smile:


Clauneck is mostly propriety. Or land but will bring money tru works. Bune is multitask

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So who would you recommend ?

I have not worked with either of them yet.
Why not ask them personally? If you could evoke them do it and tell them your plan and ask if they can help you or not, or you could use a pendulum and their sigils to ask questions which can be answered in YES/NO :slight_smile:
If you come across a better plan, make it happen that way :wink:

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But I was told that the pendulum isn’t that reliable because my mind could influence the outcome .

Yepp, its one of the short comings of pendulum, but the odds can be minimised by practice and keeping an open mind :wink:

If you have doubts about pendulum, and if you have a seculded place for evokation, I suggest evoke them and ask them personally. Otherwise pendulum could help you or try telepathy :stuck_out_tongue:

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How would I do telepathy ? To keep an open mind do I have to think about nothing ?

I know its possible to communicate with just thinking about something and the target who will receive that message i.e. Telepathy, But I have not trained/learned yet. You have to find someone else for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

RE: To keep an open mind do I have to think about nothing,
If you keep thinking YES while asking the questions to your pendulum, you will get YES as the answer irrespective of the truth. That’s why its important to think nothing while asking your questions i.e. Think Nothing.

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