Classifications & General Characteristics of Angels, Demons, & Elementals

Classification of Spirits
Herein is a brief and concise exposé of the principal differences between Angels, Elementals, and Demons.

Angels, though themselves divided into numerous orders and classes, possess generally the following characteristics:
They are entirely benevolent in nature and operation, the conscient administrators of the Divine Will upon the plane of the material universe; that they are responsible, not irresponsible agents, and therefore capable of fall; and that they are independent of the currents of the infinite Secret Forces of Nature, and can therefore act beyond them, though their classification and qualities will cause them to be more sympathetic with certain among these forces than with the rest, and this in varying degree. Also that they are superior in power to Men, Spirits, Elementals, and Devils.

The Elementals on the other hand, though consisting of an infinitude of classes, are the Forces of the Elements of Nature, the administrators of the currents thereof; and can therefore never act beyond and independently of their own particular currents. In a sense, therefore, they are irresponsible for the action of a current as a whole, though responsible for the part thereof in which they immediately act. Therefore also they are at the same time subject to the general current of the Force, wherein they live, move, and have their being; though superior to the immediate and particular part of it which they direct. Such races, superior to man in intuition, and magical powers; inferior to him in other ways; superior to him in their power in a particular current of an Element; inferior to him in only partaking of the nature of that one Element; are of necessity to be found constantly recurring in all the Mythologies of Antiquity. The Dwarfs and Elves of the Scandinavians; the Nymphs, Hamadryads, and Nature Spirits of the Greeks; the Fairies good and bad of the legends dear to our childish days the host of Mermaids, Satyrs, Fauns, Sylphs, and Fays; the Forces intended to be attracted and propitiated by the Fetishes of the Negro-Race; are for the most part no other thing than the ill-understood manifestations of this great class, the Elementals. Among these, some, as I have before observed, are good; such are the Salamanders, Undines, Sylphs, and Gnomes, of the Rosicrucian Philosophy; many are frightfully malignant, delighting in every kind of evil, and might easily be mistaken for Devils by the uninitiated, save that their power is less; a great proportion are neither good nor evil, irrationally working either; just as a monkey or a parrot might act; in fact such closely resemble animals in their nature, and especially combinations of animals, in which forms distorted and mingled, would lie their symbolic manifestation. Another very large class, would not act irrationally in this manner; but with intent, only always following the predominant force either good or evil in their then entourage; a spirit of this kind, for example, attracted into an assembly of good persons would endeavour to excite their ideas towards good; attracted among evil-minded persons would incite them mentally to crime. Among how many criminals is not their only excuse that they “thought they kept hearing something telling them to commit the crime”! Yet these suggestions would not always arise from Elementals alone, but frequently from the depraved astral remnants of deceased evil persons.

Devils, on the other hand, are far more powerful than Elementals, but their action for Evil is parallel to that of the Good Angels for Good; and their malignancy is far more terrible than that of the Evil Elementals, for not being, like them, subjected to the limits of a certain current, their sphere of operation extends over a far greater area; while the Evil they commit is never irrational or mechanical, but worked with full consciousness and intent.

Taken primarily from the Sacred Magic of Abremelin the Mage.

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Good and evil don’t exist. Demons and angels can act in both malignant and beneficial ways.
Angels are more mechanical. They don’t care about or for you. They’ll help you because it’s their duty.
Demons, on the other hand, work for their own interests. Some demons actually do want to help humans and can be amazing teachers and vicious protectors.


That fits my experience as well. The elders who wrote those things were operating with a very strong set of biases and even if their experience deviated, to start saying demons can be helpful and even compassionate was dangerous, life-threateningly so, for most of history (in fact outside little bubbles like this forum, it’s still going to create controversy right now) so that has to be factored in.

What I found most interesting was the revelation that Elementals are usually the cause for hauntings and the like. Well, it’s usually a ‘staining’ - the result of an extreme emotional release in the area, such as in a gruesome murder. The emotions stain the area. And so people may see the murder playing itself out over and over. My mentor told me that the human mind fills in the gaps anytime something is experienced by the senses for which no logical explanation is readily available to the individua. So he may see a fat guy with red hair stabbing a blonde lady. But when the magician with developed Astral Vision enters the room, he is able to see the actual staining, ergo able to see the people as they were.

A bit of a tangent lol, but as I learned, these stainings are the most often seen type of “haunting.” Elemental entities are the second most, as they are the ones who cause all kinds of what could be described as ''bad luck" - having no rationale, they simply will malignantly csuse problems. Whereas aa Demon has a motive or a goal, there is method to his working.


Hauntings often occur near a watercourse or (worst of all) still water, like an abandoned well, and the work Emoto did on programming the structure of water seems like the phsyical manifestation of this, but water as a whole seems to act like an amplifier in a lot of cases.

That explains why the “ghost ship” type hauntings are so frequently seen, even by those who have absolutely no clairvoyant capabilities at all. They are seen, visually, by many people

Water can be used by spirits to move in between worlds.