Clarity on open astral senses!

hi guys i’m working hard to develop my astral senses.
I’m reading a lot but I’m messing around with ideas.
I am now meditating every day for at least 15m, I am doing visualization every opportune moment! but reading I hear about “astral senses” “third eye” “chakra” what are their differences?
my goal is to be able to communicate with demons! I know the road is long but I want to go it all

Chakras are energy centres in the Eastern path of yoga. They were imported to the West through Theosophy and embraced by the “New Age” of the 1960’s, becoming an accepted part of the Western Magical Tradition. However, they are not a necessary part.

The “third eye” is just a general term used for the Ajna chakra, which is in the centre of the forehead and is believed to be responsible for spiritual perception.

Astral senses is just a catch-all phrase that refers to the ability to perceive spiritual realities. It encompasses clairvoyance (the ability to see), clairaudience (the ability to hear), and clairsentience (the ability to feel or sense).


Thanks for the reply! and clairvoyance and clairaudience develop with a good dose of meditation and visualization?

Meditation is helpful, yes, but it is slow for development, so I would recommend that you practice energy work alongside it.

Pick up a copy of Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work. His system will help you to learn to stimulate your energy bodies, which is necessary to develop your ability to feel energy and develop your senses.


You can work with the Chakras to develope or strenghthen abilities, you can use abilities to deepen them within the Chakras or you dare to get psychotic but then you have to verify what you experience and find the red line within your consciousness what the manner of “hallucination” is when something is shown in abstraction.

For Psychosis:
The first Card of the Tarot is the Fool.
He stands for people becoming crazy because with the relying on the existence of Magick they get ready to chase the World for their dreams.

With psychotic voices or without.
When Magick s recognized the best get psychotic or use your words.

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ok! so if i read and apply Robert Bruce’s book should it be a good start on my way? really thank you all

I bought the book as you advised me! but I still haven’t figured out how to do body awareness exercises! I did not understand the feelings to try etc etc could you give me an indication … also like when to put your arms in a circle and feel the ball of energy … thank you for the time dedicated to me

Follow the instructions in the book. You know what it feels like to brush your fingers across your skin, right? Brush your skin with your finger tips, and recognise the sensations. Then, imagine a pair of hands, and stimulate your skin without physical touching.

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ok! So then I should reconstruct this feeling without touching myself? thanks for the help
I’m sorry but I’m not native English so I find some topics not easy to read :slight_smile:

Yes. The idea is to replicate the sensations with your mind and awareness.