Clarification on spiritual ascent kabbalah vs qlipoth

Dear brethren,
How does one choose a path?
I understand that Kether in kabbalah is a sense of unity with the universe, undifferentiated consiousness.

Whereas Malkuth is normal waking consiousness
What is the subjective experience of Thaumiel, how does it feel to go down the tree of qlipoth. Why is it considered evil and what does spiritual ascent mean with respect to qlipoth mean?

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Its Sephiroth vs Qliphoth fyi. Qabala is the whole thing.

@Mike_Bee Works throught Qlipha atm but I am not sure if he made his way into Thamuiel yet.

@Nightside Studies the upper side of the tree a lot from what I have seen.

How to choose ? That question is for your intuition only. But divination wouldn’t hurt.

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No I’m on golachab. Sphere six


In the view of traditional kaballah the Qlippoth is not just evil it’s straight up forbidden. Sitrah Ahra, the tree of death exist in universe b. A parallel universe to ours that is partitioned off and sealed where all the dark shadows and infernal spirits dwell.

The kabbalistic practioners want nothing to do with Qlippoth because they believe or have been taught that it taints you with the energies of Sitra Ahra ( universe b, the “other side”)

The kabbalistic practioner wishes to remain in the tree of life and Kedusha ( holiness)

The LHP practioner isn’t afraid of sitrah ahra but embraces it as a part of themselves they haven’t experienced yet.

I’m going through a Qlippothic initiation now and it has been extremely intense.

A great book you could read on the subject to give you more basic knowledge about the contrast between kaballah and qlippoth is “kabbalah, Qlippoth and Goetic magick” by karlssen.


I think the question on what it means to ascend the Qlippoth is not much different than the Sephiroth, but it seems to me that either guided meditations or guided path workings or astral projection are the only methods to practically “experience” them. I am probably wrong here.


Alot of the actual work takes place in the dream world. It’s subconscious shadow work. The dreams are highly lucid and are an almost every night occurrence since I began my work.

So yes there’s pathworkings and such but the real nitty gritty happens when you are IN Sitra Ahra.

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As for you picking a path, that is up to you. As far as I know you can switch your path if you so choose to. I have simply to start evoking angels, and to have them help me with fears regarding demons. As well as fears relating to self control. Im not the most peaceful person, so working with beings of wrath, which angels can also be, it is a tough call.
Why do you find it difficult to pick a path?

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Any book recommendations for this? I feel like I have the same sort of fears and want to start working on it because I feel it’s holding me back currently.


σ゚ロ゚)σ Gotcha

Very good book. It even talks about a sphere that is stuck between Malkuth and Lilith.

Nogah should be the name of that

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Ill do you one better @anon4083462

@willowtree If you are working with Goetic demons, infernal spirits ect. You ALREADY are working with Sitrah Ahra and by extension you are already vibing with the energies of Qlippoth.

Each time you evoke a spirit from Sitra Ahra you are using your divine soul to create a forbidden ( according to pure RHP Kabbalist doctrine) bridge to bring the spirit from Sitra Ahra into this world.

So if you’re already working in this current then chances are quite good you’re a solid LHP practicioner who really should at some point initiate themselves in the Qlippoth and the tree of death.

Yes there are risks to doing that, some practicioners go mad, some have very strange changes to thier psychological make up, ect but that seems to mostly happen with dabblers or people that weren’t really vibing with those energies to begin with.

It’s like when you first evoke Goetic demons many people actually feel physically sick or nausea from the infernal energies they are working with. This is completely normal it can take time to get used to it.

The initiation into the spheres of Qlippoth is not easy, actually it’s extremely challenging but it’s very rewarding.

Just my two cents


There is no difference it is the same tree just two sides of it. You can’t master one without the other and those that claim otherwise are delusional. You can’t have a tree without its roots and likewise every coin has two sides but it is still a single whole unit. From any single dimension along that tree it is a simple matter to shift into the kabbalah or qlipoth equivalent of it from the one you are within.