Clairvoyance (seeing through closed eyelids):


heh, I know exactly what you’re talking about. This is simply activating your spiritual sight. You will most likely find that practicing astral travel will help with this. Right before an exit, your entire room becomes crystal clear. You can see everything with your eyes shut. Franz Bardon recommends a magnetic eyebath. From his book, Initiation Into Hermetics:

“”“There is a further opportunity given to the magician that ought not to be overlooked. Imean the magnetic eyebath. In the morning the magician dips his face into water that has been boiled on the previous day (using a half-filled water basin) and opens his eyes in the water. He rolls his eyes in the water, repeating this exercise equally seven times. At first, he will have the sensation of a slight stinging in his eyes, but this will disappear as soon as the eyes get accustomed to the exercise. Anyone suffering from weak eyesight may add a thin decoction of eyebright (Herba Euphrasia) to the water. This eyebath makes the eyes resistant against changes in the weather and consequently strengthens the visual faculty, improving weak vision, and the eyes become clear and shining. Do not forget respectively to magnetize the water destined to this purpose and to impregnate it with your concentrated wish. Advanced pupils who are training for clairvoyance are offered the opportunity here to promote their clairvoyant faculties.”""

You may wish to read the first couple of chapters as that much of that will help you better understand the exact process and expectations for this exercise.
One should also be well deep into a meditation when performing the actual eyebath. The reason being is that, much the same way the spirit can influence the physical body, when in proper meditation, the physical body can well influence the spirit. This only happens when they are both in sync through deep meditation. Thus, when you clean your physical eyes in this state, you’re astral eyes are also “cleaned”.

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Great advice! I’ll try it today. Thanks DKM…


Bardons Training… the cold showers, the hard brush on my body and the eye
bath in cold water… I did that daily, only for me it meant to be body fit. A magical training means for me to train all parts, body, mind and soul. I can understand what you point out to. You gave me a new outlook on this exercise.

Hey Red Ice

it only happend once to me, when I had my eye closed in trance, it was like
a curtain opend up and I could see on a big street, where a heavy fight was
going on with several people. Well my plan was to go on the astral plane and I saw a happening in real life. Guess it just happens, when don`t try to push it.

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I’ve only managed to do the thing where I see through my eyelids a couple times, the first time was when I was on a truck and was kind of dozing off. The other times preceded astral projections.

I’ve had this experience in different times under varying circumstances both while meditating intensely and also while attempting to sleep but do so lightly so that I could snap to attention before anyone really noticed I was dozing. The latter actually not only had me able to see with my eyes closed but once or twice I’ve managed to see through the eyes of other people close to me. Although I’ve never been able to intentionally reproduce either effect it is still something I work on trying to master.


I’ve been doing this off and on for as long as I can remember. As a child, I made a game of it, seeing how accurately I could follow a maze of string that friends had made without opening my eyes. As an adult, I find that it happens as soon as I start meditating, then fades as I focus. The best advice I have is to relax and practice. If it starts to frustrate you, then move on to something else and come back to it when you feel ready.

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Thanks again DakrVnet!

I have recently began having experiences like this without even realizing. it started with my eyelids closed meditating and these visuals of cloudy blue skies would appear looking so clear they would startle me and i would open my eyes. and i was like omg what is this? so i tried doing it again and i seem not to have much control or have developed control yet because in these visuals of what i see is random. i could see random apartment buildings or people crossing streets like they do in tokyo or nyc. one thing that i always see in the beginning is what looks like millions of stars flying by me. and eventually form into other things.

This happens to me every day I’m glad its it’s a thing

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