Clairvoyance Question

So I only have a couple of times have seen spirits on my own usually i only see their after image like a white mist left where they were

But when I’m with another magician that can see them and they have extra energy I see them more often granted it’s about the same way just an after image.

Is this normal do any of you know? Could this be a result of me being a psy vamp?


Its normal.Whenever i’ve done group rituals just the presence of more than one person amplifies the power in the room. It’s like magical physics. A chain reaction. Even if the people involved dont have fully developed senses they can stand in a circle and see clearer. They can stand in the aura or touch another magician and hear whomever is communicating with the other person.

In the past charlatans who would hold hands and conduct seances would make up shit about dead loved ones to scam people out of money. Sometimes they would be exposed when someone who coundnt normally see spirits whose power was amplified by the energies involved would see the loved one and give correct information exposing them.


Thank you for your reply i always seem to be stronger around other magicians like from what i was told before when i first started i was “Siphoning off my mentors excess energy” and was part of the reason i was always around him when possible.

All i know is i cant wait untill im able to do it on my own :slight_smile: