Clairvoyance Franz Bardon fluid condensers

I am a firm believer in not needing any herbal concotions for developing mental abilities unless it is given by a spirit or something but I read about fluid condensers (which are these energetically charged potions I think) and it fascinated me. Since it is described by Franz Bardon who was a great magician, I don’t want to just write it off as garbage. My interest lies particularly in his potion for causing Astral Claireaudience and Clairvoyance as is written in his “Initiation into hermetics” book. Again I don’t want to just write it off even though My two favorite magicians EA and Konstantinos seemed to have read it. Particulary Konstantinos seems to draw from Bardon’s methods for developing the astral senses (so I hear). does anyboy know anything about this specifically that can add to my knowledge (aka no opinions if you haven’t seen this term). Thankyou! Since I am relentless in developing my mental abilities I am just expressing my gratitude in advance to all of you.

I might either by misunderstanding/confused by what you wrote- but in Bardon’s work, the FluidCondensers don’t seem to have any relation to “herbal concotions for developing mental abilities” -there could be an affect from a certain application via liquid…
but the fluid referred to (as I understand) to the Astral-light… thus it Condenses / Collects it together to form an affect (as EA might term- Bardon’s “condense” could be related to EA’s use of the term “structuring” … but even more so Resonator- as in how an Energized object radiates an influence- whether a Talis or having a Bound-Entity within, etc.)

So there seems a use of a FluidCondenser as like a paint, or a coating (either dry-powder, sprinkled on glue, or in a liquid form that is painted upon, like a Magic Mirror … even a flat plate of wood… which gathers a certain type of Energy to it, and tunes it in a way, and then radiates that Energy (either into the Local Enviro, or else to a diff target).
This being like an “unphilosophical-alchemical” use, for the impact of certain ingredients, combined in a certain way, with Energetic “magic” used in their construction (moreso than their use, of which only the triggering- like of a loaded gun, or a crossbow, or “other explosives”)

I have seen some writings that reference most revealations to some form of substance that distorts the mind, which I’d say not to use as a Tool, but rather as a means of exploring one’s limits by extending beyond the known… (an experiment perhaps, but only for the experience)… a youtube video by EA covers that well… thus I hope my above might give insight to ‘another interp’… what is the Mindset-worldview that Bardon was writing it from? (would seeing that change how it is read? not as “Code” but as alegory. ) luck

That was perfect - Thankyou!

I am curious if the question here was from you reading/hearing another party just mentioning the subject, and either they added the interpretation... or assumption-interp was adding after you read/heard it

or perhaps from reading the table of contents in Bardon’s book, but not yet getting to that content? -just wondering as the Socio-cultural-memetic matrix-structural (as the language-current groupmind was termed by one writer) is an interesting Magickal force that is often ignored (as like some other posts where a realization was made of a subject/idea/ section of EA’s course/book that was missed/skipped before… not intentionally but subconsciously driven?)
It just occurred to me, not purely from your question, but many other recent BALG posts, the issue of interp based upon info vs info-source (as well as the breakdown of “First-Hand” vs “second-hand” and tertiary and further removed… one thing to apply to one’s life (application) vs what another has taught from their own account, vs a “summary” inspired by comments that may have come from another’s account (that first hand knowledge- in this case being “Franz Bardon” or perhaps EA or whoever… vs getting a comment based upon a comment based upon … and the original source becomes unclear). – I hope the above might trigger some relevant reference overall, not just related (or not) to this concept. Luck

That post was hard to understand but I think I got the idea. And that is that yes I read it in his books that they are energetically charged potion type things.