Clairaudient points

Would meditating on my clairaudient points be enough to open them up fully even if it’s for a short time

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Depends on how you meditate. If you do an exercise of some description, then they will open overtime. Our astral senses improve as we try to use them.

Would opening them fully activate them too? @Biffa_Bacon

Don’t think of them in terms of open and closed, active and inactive. Our senses are like muscles: train them and they grow stronger.


Are you talking about telepathy and hearing spirits type stuff? What is clairaudient points?
Anyways. How I got into it was the opposite of clearing your mind, listen more and more carefully to your thoughts until you realize you aren’t just talking to yourself but to someone else. Look deeper and see you aren’t just having one conversation but very many. From there realize why you are talking about what you are talking about and draw a semantic chart and see how it all connects and watch how when you talk to others in your mind how often it will shortly sync up with something they actually say and when you think you are imagining just go with it until you see that it’s a bit more than that. The intuitive mind is in the same area roughly as our creative mind, it eventually shows itself to be your imagination but so much more.

Also these entities that speak other langues well start off a bit off languistically at times but get better over time because they use their astral tenticals so to speak to enter your mind and read what is called core images.

I hope that helps. I mean I know it will.
Your welcome. lol


I did the opposite with mine - I stopped thinking / listening entirely. I just let my mind stop processing information to as far recessive as I can make it go. Think of it like making yourself braindead and picking out what you hear.

I don’t really think this was a “natural” gift for me though cause it took years of meditation and focusing on telling my mind “Shut the F Up”.

I think it’s just whatever works for you -
I meditate on making myself braindead.
Others meditate on over-stimulation.
Some people don’t meditate at all and write down foreign thoughts.


I suppose I could sort of see that working too.

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