give me some tips on how to improve my ability to listen to spirits. i have been trying to listen. focusing on my ears and hearing beyond the silence… but all i have managed to hear is what sounds like a mumbled person speaking in the distance…so tips please and thank you!! =)

Odd you bring this up - I’ve just started working on this myself. I would be interested to hear what others have done as well.
I’ve been exercising my auditory imagination by reproducing different sounds in my imagination. It’s said that you can get this down so well that you can reproduce the sound to the point to where you can even cause other people to hear it.
There’s also auditory energy work, by filling your ears with the air element till they’re brimming with it, hold it and work with it for 5 to 10 minutes, and then let it all out. Let your ears level out to their normal state and repeat a few times.

i try to listen to the silence and meditate at the same time…my problem is trusting the voice i hear in my head as not my own. and when i meditate a part of me is expecting to hear the entity with my ears not in my head, like a whisper that i pick up if you know what i mean. i guess i have to fake it till i make it. and immerse myself daily in listening till one night it just hits me

You don’t need to fake it. When doing your meditation do not try to hear anything but your own breathing in and out. Try three 20 minute sessions per day; after a month you should be 100x better in your focus and distinguishing between your thoughts and external thoughts.


okay i will try that

What I do to listen to voices is sort of a mental version of that gizmo ghost hunters use that take in radio stations to piece together words for ghosts to use. Except I do this with my thoughts, and the words just sort of come. Not always perfect, but this does seem to be a good way to go about talking with entities.

As a kid and teen I used to have a lot of episodes of ‘ringing in my ears’. Every sound of the ‘real world’ would be gone as if I were put in a vacuum sealed room and there was only this one very loud high pitched tone. This could last minutes while I was desperately trying to make it stop. Can this be clairaudient related?

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Kyra, I experience the same thing, though I still hear whats going on around me as well. My Reiki healer said it was spirits trying to connect with me, she said it is high pitched as they are from a higher vibrational plane. So lately I have been just listening to it and letting it grow stronger. Sometimes I make the ringing go from my right ear to my left, then both simultaneausly. I’m hoping that if I do this enough I will eventually pick up some communication.

Kyra n Brutus I’ve had this I think for years - its like im suddenly underwater for 5 or 10 seconds while I hear a pure high pitched tone… I thought it was an inner ear thing and just assumed everyone got it… Maybe not

What you guys are referring to is known as Tinnitus.

Yes, there are medical explanations for it, however, there are spiritual indications in the medical research. It is, in fact, often related to neurological ‘issues’.
There are some people that have chronic tinnitus - the tones go in and out all day, with noise cancellation. It can actually become quite a problem. But in most cases it’s fairly innocent.
In my opinion, it is energetically related. In fact, I have no doubt of that. I get it fairly frequently myself. It may be an indication of an energetic balance issue as well as an attempted communication from the ethereal worlds. It’s up to each to make their own judgement as to the cause of their personal experiences.


He, like Neo I assumed everyone had this. Tinnitus fits the description, but none of the listed causes fit me. It stopped after my teens, and it was different from the high pitched tone in your ears that you can have after a night out in a noisy club.

hmmm. the way you describe it seems very interesting and i would definatly try visualizing it how you say and see how it works… i think alot has to do with taking my time listening and not get discouraged just because its taking longer to develop this. it must be practiced everyday.

The ringing in the ears is a predecessor to clairaudience, yes.

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Tinnitus is not something that can be turned on or off as far as I know

Oh em gee…and i have to say that the suggestion to visualize that ghost hunters object thingie that picks up voices…it works! i was listening and picking up random voices and i got in a real deep trance.

I have clairaudience almost 24/7 and have had it for several years, although it’s only been nearly 24/7 since 2007. But in the early days, I used to have really strong dream recall and I used to ask for things (with a lot of intention added!!) before going to sleep (like if I wanted to meet with a particular person in a dream for instance) and then I usually received what I asked for within a few nights.

My point?

ASK for what you want. INTEND it. Then watch out for opportunities to develop the skill. GRAB them!


I see a connection here some way…

I lie down to sleep and I center my thought process on a person and continue to think on them…I am seeing them in my mind…at that point I never know when I fall asleep but when I wake I have dreamed about something with that person in it…so there seems to be some connection with what you are saying. So I am saying in a strange way you can control your dreams…

After talking with EA over the keyboard one time…I did this process that night. I dreamed that I went to Utah and met him in a house in a library…I remember seeing books in one bookcase all over one side of the wall…I looked out the window and saw the moon reflecting over the valley in that area…spoke about several things…we both stood and talked and neither of us sat down at the table in that room.

The next day I wrote EA asking if he remembers that I was speaking with him that night…he says no, that it was just my imagination…so … what ever this process was … I have learned to take 99% of my dreams and interpret them as symbols and they mostly come with an easy way to figure them out… who knows?

Uncle Fester

Could be. My ears get ‘stopped up’ every now and then when my astral hearing attempts to activate by itself. Kinda like ‘receiving’ a call when I have it set to ‘voicemail’.

The funny thing with my left ear tinnitus (though its often irritating for me), is that certain areas like airports with no one there but myself raises the pitch, while areas without technology causes it to be suspended.
However, I will occasionally hear a voice call my name, with nothing else following it.

I realize this is a fairly dead post, however Clairaudience and clairvoyance would be two essential tools for me.