Hi all, My reiki lady asked me yesterday if I ever hear ringing in my years. I do when I’m meditating and trying to clear my mind. But since I never knew what the ringing was, I always just ‘turned’ it off and did something else. She tells me that the guides/spirits are from a higher frequency and that the ringing is them trying to get through. Im thinking the ringing is the auditory equivilent of the mist in the scrying mirror, and that I just have to focus on it and eventually will hear words just like a scryer will see visions.

Anyone else experience this with hearing spirits? I’m going to focus on this a bit more since I might be more natural with hearing rather than seeing…


Cool, BRUTUS! You might try communicating to them to “slow down”. That was a helpful bit of advise I received several years ago. You still have to sorta “tune your listening” and they tend to sound cartoonish - like the chipmunks, or something! :wink: But work with it - I believe you’ll get some verifiable information from them, once you get the hang of it… Zoe


Yes, When I first saw my narcolepsy/cataplexy symtoms showing up there was a lot of ringing in my ears. Eventually those turned to voices as I fell asleep.

So I just let myself feel “but with my ears” and there was pressure.
The voice I head was a girl and maybe a dude with a girly voice talking. Its like I was butting in on a conversation and they felt me or something.

I always say random things because I dont know what to say. I think ill go and ask for some good questions tomorrow. For some reason I forget a lot of what I head as soon as its over. Does this happen to you?

The voices are cute but scary at the same time. I never know who im gonna tune into. I wish I could slow the conversation down. If I run into that chipmunk voiced girl again ill ask her to sing.

I originally started practicing clairaudience by listening to nature. Looking for the subtle noises or trying to hear every sound simultaneously but individually.

Its like im tuning to different dimensions I feel or something. Sometimes I feel like theres this couple living in my house maybe on a different dimension.

Sometimes I feel like its just some random voice from somewhere.

In fact the first voice I think I ever heard was the chinese shar pei. I just knew it was him.
But yeah sorry for going off topic. You should focus on it. What I kind of did was imagined I was listening with my astral ears instead of my regular ears.

I just got an idea though. Tomorrow im gonna try to astral project but Im gonna look for voices first, and if its friendly ill ask them to help pull me out or something.



I think your reiki friend is on to something. I’m sure you can tune into the ringing in your ears or any other ambient noise and hear the spirits whisper to you. I’ve experienced claraudience for many years without having a term to call it.

My ears ring all the time after performances, but a few years ago the ringing took on a new form. I was living at sea at the time and performing nightly. When I would lay down to sleep I would hear intense ringing, that would turn into full volume musical productions. I thought there was something physically wrong with me and went to see the ships doctor. He dismissed it altogether. So I started tuning into the music I was hearing, and it turns out, wasn’t anything I recognized before. I was tuning into music on another plane. I’ve cultivated that ability to hear otherworldly music and make it my own! Also I have many accounts of actually hearing spirits speak in a clear and voice. Unfortunately this is not something I’ve mastered hearing yet. But I’m working on it. Anyway, hope this helps, but just start tuning in and listening.


Has anyone here had any experiences/successes with the training methods discussed in ‘Summoning Spirits’ by Konstantinos/Franz Bardon ?


ZachD555 - I totally know what you mean. I used to do that all the time. Even poetry man. I would copy crazy ass poems from the ether that were just mind blowing beautiful poetry. Like - if you took the finest poems on earth, these would easily rival them.
Brutus - the ringing is something that I love! :smiley: hah
If I tune into it one way, it turns into a drowning hum and I can tune into music, poetry, voices, etc. If I tune into it from the other “angle” it gets loud and nearly overwhelming, next thing I know I’m in full paralysis ready for an exit.
Interestingly enough - as soon as I really started getting into energy work and tuning my energies, the ringing started to take a back seat as I began to learn how to do things on my own.


Are you referring to using fluid condensers and element packing?


Are you referring to using fluid condensers and element packing?[/quote]

No Dk. I’m talking about the cliff exercises, controlled thought, and tattwa exercises in the 3rd/4th chapter. These seem borrowed from Bardon but they are intended to develop the astral senses.


Its good getting what someone else said confirmed here. Adds weight to it!