Clairaudience sigil

What do you think?


We need someone who can’t clairaudience :slight_smile: to try it!!

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I think it looks like E.T. after a good night out. :wink:

is it some kind of lust sigil?

I would really appreciate it. :relaxed:



Are you sure it’s not a clairvoyance sigil?

As im seeing images when i look into it, a pale woman with long black hair perhaps of oriental origin, she is also wearing a black top or black V neck.

Edit: I also saw a female eye on the otherside of the sigil kinda looking back at me.


I don’t have much experience with sigils, so I’m glad it isn’t useless. That is weird though, because the sigil’s sentence is “My clairaudience will develop greatly”.

Just out of curiosity, what color was the woman’s eye looking back at you?

I Think it was brown with green flecks. Perhaps its the crystal ball thingy on top that makes it more clairvoyance related shrugs lol

It is for psychic awareness, so I figured it applies to all astral senses.

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Well at least it works on the clairvoyance side, i defo saw some stuff. :slight_smile: