Clairaudience help?

For anyone clairaudiently gifted, can you pm me or reply some tips that could help me? I’ve tried all different kinds of meditations and it seems like I’m there, because I hear bits and pieces here and there, but I’m just missing a little something that would push me to hear full sentences clearly.


Tunning into the entity can aid significantly but… be careful because this is also a form of open invitation that can let in negative entities! Also are you familiar with the clairaudient points? If so I would recommend focusing light blue energy into them, breathing it through them and/or vibrating THAUM into them… but beware that THAUM is very powerful and should be taken lightly…. It can cause headaches… if not… then give me a bit and I’ll sketch out where they are on the head and post it here… could just get a generic image but you know “copyright” right in all… sorry bout the tangent!


I am familiar with the points. I just need some different methods that I may could try or some tips on things I may be doing wrong. I was going to try staying up for 3-4 days next, but with me being anemic, I need all the sleep I can get.

You can also pass energy through clear quartz or Kyanite and the points to enhance them if your low on energy! Also you don’t really need to spend more then 10-30 seconds on each point a day… just be consistent and in time you’ll have no problem hearing… also them gems can also cause headaches if overused…

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So just focusing on the points will open up my clairaudience fully