Citronella in outdoor work

I have found a place outdoors that I think could work well for some workings over the summer. A big empty lot on the edge of town where no one even goes. The place is a big overgrown though and there is a little muddy creek running through it, which around here automatically means mosquitoes after dusk.

I wanted to try bringing a couple of citronella candles out and letting those burn while I’m working. I wonder if this would have any negative effect on magical work. I can;t imagine why it would, but then there is a lot I don’t know. Or might I be better off using something other than citronella?

I think you’d do well to make an offering first to the land spirits, and the other beasties - spirits of air, bugs, etc.

Let them know you’d like to use that location, and that you’ll be doing so with respect and so on. You don’t have to kiss their spirity butts, but having them on your side will make things a lot simpler.

But I don’t see a problem with citronella myself, it’s not like you’re going to napalm the whole area! :slight_smile:

Oh yes, great point. I will certainly do that. Aftyer reading your reply, I actually think I might head out in the next day or two to leave an offering and get to know the land spirits ahead of time.