Anyone know any websites that sell good quality magick circles? (other than Become a Living God)

It depends on what kind of circles you are looking for but, as far as i know, EA is the only one selling specific and unique ritual circles, though there are so many people copying him these days that i’m sure someone somewhere is trying to do something similar.

It’s pretty easy to make your own though. You can draw and paint them on canvas and voila! you have your own circle. There are some members here that have made their own versions of the Universal Circle, so that is always an option. They only thing a DIY version lacks is the spirit EA has bound to the UC.


I draw them with a wand or more usually the pointer finger of my left hand (I’m right handed). I just couldn’t be bothered with all the rigmarole. Shit! If pedestrian life ain’t hard enough, then you want to complicate Magick.

Do it cheap. Do it nasty. Do it effectively.



What kind of canvas would you use? I’m thinking a regular white bedsheet and some black acrylic paint, but I’d think a sheet is hard to keep in place while doing this

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I used a tablecloth when I was making my circle. Bit more weight to it. Had enough left over to make a altar cloth.


Oooooh. I like

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Heres a pic. Unfortunately there’s also a cat obscuring some of it

Used green ink with some blood in it to paint it. There’s a reversed pentacle underneath the cat.


:joy::joy:your cat’s performing an evocation

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How do you make the circle so perfect? I’m gonna paint one tonight and I’m terrified of fucking it up

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Nah, just meditating. Though I fear he may soon become a better sorcerer than me with how much he does it…in a very energy rich area…

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Take string, small block of wood, nail and permanent marker. Hammer nail into wood, tie string on nail and permanent marker on string. Use to draw circle. The block of wood would preferably be heavy enough not to move when drawing the circle

Basic black cloth from Walmart, red acrylic paint, and painters tape to hold it tight. Also used a paint pen and some twine to make the circles before tracing over them with the red paint.

Just remember to put some cardboard under it or something in case the paint bleeds through. I didn’t do that and had to explain to my wife why I was scrubbing the kitchen floor at 1am.


I’m with @Uncle-Al on this one, as I am with many things. Fuckin’ shit up old school over here.

This may be of interest:

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Ahhhh, i get it. Makes a lot of sense.