Circles of Power

I see them all. I’ve read some of the most powerful magician’s circles down to the newest magician’s circle.

I see them all.

I see fire ones, stone ones, mushroom ones, grass ones, ones drawn out, ones carved and on and on. I see powerful ones and no so powerful ones. I see magick sway and flow.
I see what ones does. Who one works with. What is in the circle with the magician and what is outside the circle waiting to come in.


I see fire circles. Each one is different. Orange flames, red flames, blue flames. On and on

Flames are fun to see I can tell so much just by looking at the size, feeling the heat and knowing the thickness of the flame.
Colors can indicate alot as well.

Other types of circles do sometimes appear.
Like stone circles.


Or mushroom circles


Circles can also appear to be drawn, craved or scratched

Every magician has a circle wether they physically use one or not. Their circle is there.

All I have to do is reach out and I’ve found it.

Some circles have things drawn out in them. Like a star, sigil ECT.

Some circles have certain spirits, guides or ancestors. Some show a path to take or paths to take.

Some show grimiores, journals, notebooks.

And some very special circles start to spin and when the spinning starts, I know I’m about to go on a journey … Set’s circle , Apollo’s circle and black magician’s circle have taken me on journey’s, adventures.


I look at a circle, I touch the flames. The flames touch me. Some are extremely hot, some mild, and some not so hot.

I walk through the flames and see from the inside. Anything I want to know.

Some circles are even transparent.

Protection, shielding, strength, skill level and magicks … I see and I know.


I enjoy reading circles. They are always interesting. They can help the magician see aspects to work on, paths to take and what their strengths are and what is around them.

Circle readings take things beyond the ordinary and make the extraordinary. It’s the magick of the sorcerer in this space outside of time. Outside of the mundane. The place where the true magick lies.

Sometimes I’m pulled to a circle as if a river current were pulling me a long and sometimes I reach for the magician and the circle.

But I always see.

Sometimes I don’t see what the magician had hoped for. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I just see them for my own knowing or exploring.

Every magician has a circle so make yours strong. By shielding and protection.

I’ve seen hounds rise up from a circle , run out of the circle dragging bodies back into the circle where they ripped and tore the bodies apart and crunched the bones in their strong mouths. And then the bones were thrown into a pot, used for dark arts.

Circles are powerful and tell the story of the magician.

Hail Hakate! Goddess of witchcraft and magick. :dagger::snake::mushroom::new_moon_with_face: :dragon:


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I’ll tell about a circle I started seeing yesterday. I know who’s it is but since they haven’t asked for a reading I will keep the identity a secret.

It’s a totally dark room. But on the floor is there circle its silver. There is a star inside the circle like a pentagram.
It feels to be magick for a goddess. There is a figured in a black hooded cloak. He is the magician. He seems to be set on his work.

I step into the circle and see a line of fire around the circle that wasnt there before. It’s flames are low. Set that way for the ritual I would suppose as to welcome the goddess inside instead of a wall of fire she would then push through. I have no doubt this magician could have high flames. It’s more intentional that they are low for his current work.

He is holding a white candle. And speaking low. It seems to have a soothing affect.

The star on the floor takes up the whole circle. It feels hot. Like its been charged for this. It feels like this was meant to soothe the goddess and bring comfort. The star is silver like the circle.

It seems like the magician is set to doing something. Wax drips into the circle. Rose petals. On the ground. It seems to be an apology of sorts … Maybe.

There are two black dogs circling the circle. I they are uncertain of what to do. But seem to stalk the magician.

A gift inside the circle. I see a key. Like an old skeleton key. I take the key. And leave the black dogs follow.

I believe this was a ritual to calm a something that went bad. Something really hot seems to have cooled a bit. Perhaps it was a soothing.

Not much advice I can give except if those dogs made it in the circle the outcome would have been grave.

It seems to have been effective. Things are not so tense like they seemed when I first stepped into the circle.


Would you read my circle?

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May you read mine?

See my profile page. :sparkling_heart:


Black dogs = wealth
Duchess Bune = black dogs/wealth
The Skeleton Key is familiar to me. Could it have anything to do with the Duchess?

I booked an appointment for tomorrow. I’m so excited!


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I set mine up too. I’ll see you Tuesday! Thank you!


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Shout out to @Empress_Arianna for my amazing circle reading!


Intersting note. I was in this circle, and offered a key that I picked up and took with me.

And today this key shows up at my house. A skeleton just like I described.
I have three others but neither are just like this one. This one literally showed up today.


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Use your energy to pray to the Gods. They don’t just listen to the OP or special people. I know this is easier said than done, but try to remain calm.

We are at war with the universe.

Its really not any different then going to EA for a ritual.