Hi all,

I’m being a bit confused in what kind of circle is to be used for evocations. I have always learned the “oldfashion” way of using a circle together with the Triangle and a Black Mirror, very much as described in “Evoking Eternity” and “Works of Darkness”; now however, in the Book of Azazel as well as in BALG, the Summoning Rites seem to have become much more simple, as when using the Demonic Circle of Pacts.

This is also something that confuses me, as in BALG one is tought to use a Magic Circle, but in BoA one uses the DCP.

Am I missing out on something here?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:


You can use the plain circle paired with the triangle of manifestation for any demon you wish but I think the circle of pacts should be used for azazel’s nethers. If you are trying to make a pact I would use the circle of pacts.


Hey Bran! I’m with Necromaster on this one - better safe than … NOT! I always err on the side of caution when it comes to Pacts.


Hey Bran funnily enough I just posted a question around this myself on another thread…In BALG it does seem deceptively simple…No banishing ritual, no triangle, etc…I dont fancy performing without a safety net…Which of Erics books then best describe the Circle of Pacts…I am reassured by other posts which describe hugely helpful and benevolent relationships with demons/spirits but im sure its not allways so! Thanks for any advice.


I don’t know Neophyte. I like the simplicity of it. I’ve always loved stripping ritual away to its bare essentials. I can attest to how easy the BALG method is as I have had two successful evocations with spur of the moment makeshift circles and blowing cigarette smoke into the triangle as my incense.


Its all so subjective & personal, isn’t it?

So many variables … and I’ll confess right here I don’t always give the advise I follow. [Example: A quick circle with salt on the kitchen floor or even a wave of my hand as I turn around once outside on open ground is often all I use!] And even then, I’m utterly aware this ritual is more a gathering in of my thoughts, my focused intent, more than any ‘protection’. I personally feel no NEED for protection.

But thats me NOW …and I remember how I was ‘back then’. So, my reasoning behind what appears to be … dichotomy? … is that I don’t KNOW any of you. I don’t know how new you are or what you’ve been studying or what your nature & characteristic are. So I tend to err on the side of caution. Just figured you oughta know… Z


I feel the same way. Most time I’ll make a circle and triangle out of energy to set the ritual space apart from the rest of the universe but that’s the extent of my reasoning for having them.


I use the circle for that purpose and as for the banishing mentioned earlier it is not necessary. Allowing those dark energies to build up will empower your evocation and will also be a powerful form of dark alchemy.


I look at circle the same, it’s mainly an atmosphere helper for me


Maybe I’m a fool, but I have never used a constraining or specific place for my evocations. I always just preform it in the circle and let things take shape from there. It’s like meeting with a highly powerful business partner in my mind. If I don’t have the strength of will and the force of determination to keep myself safe, then I have no place in that situation.
However, I’m also a big believer in doing what ever works for you. Just because this method has resulted in a lot of success for me does not mean it will work for any one else. So, there’s my two cents.


I would like to chime in on this one.

I think in theory, all you need is very little to make your circle. I did my first evocation with the advice of my friend Zoe here…telling me to make it out of salt and use a black cloth for my alter. IT Worked!!

In the days and weeks since I’ve gradually changed my circle and triangle from being that of salt to being made out of colorful rocks, with candles making an outer circle. I also added to my alter with representations of the four elements, and personalized each one. I’ve been opening with LBRP and LBH. Why? Because it works. Setting up a slightly elaborate operation takes time, and in that time I allow my mind to focus on the work ahead. It’s almost a form of meditation in and of itself.

I have no doubt that what I’m using are mere props and decorations. The rock on my alter is just a fucking rock. But, if it helps me visualize and connect with the elemental energy of earth, why not keep it? I know that it may not always be possible to have an elaborate set up, and have no problem with the concept of stripping it down to nothing. It is the Sorcerer who’s standing at the center of the universe and commanding spirits to appear. Everything else is a prop to help you realize your power to do just that!


ZACH I love this!!! I mentioned somewhere in here that I often do a more elaborate ritual just because I LIKE THEM. And I’m all about making your sacred space unique & personalized - I absolutely do believe it reinforces & enhances your Workings, whipping up your Power in the moment. Emotions play a huge role in “getting your vortex” going, as I call it.

If it feels like ceremony, its beneficial. And if it feels like a pain in the ass, it is counterproductive. Thats my gauge… :wink: Z


Probably you could perform the evocation successfuly even without the triangle of manifestation since in the evocation instructions in BALG it doesn’t mention a triangle, just a circle and an incense burner. So obviously the triangle is not necessary to perform an evocation.