Why does JS Garrett use that circle??



Manifestation and focus/containment of energies.

I can tell that outright just by looking at it for a couple seconds.

It actually seems pretty efficient of a circle actually, the central circle contains the energies of the ritual to help focus them into the working, the triangle helps encourage a stronger manifestation, the outer circle prevents unwanted energies from interfering, and the lines from the outer circle to the inner one provide pathways for desired energies to enter into the working. The candles serve as the gateways to the paths for energies to enter the circle.


That circle design looks familiar but I can’t place it…:thinking:

I could swear I have seen it somewhere before though.

i like it.


I agree when I first saw it I felt like I have seen it before tho can’t remember.

Hey OP where did you find the pic?


It looks like the Circle that Garret uses in his Deification rite if you ask me. Deification Rite

The actual secondary circle In the centre is where JS Garret ignites a fire, he does use this in a deification rite but also uses it in many other rituals. He did mention he uses it for healing too.


Gran grimorio of papa HonĂłrio

I also noticed that he uses it for several other rituals… And that’s what caught my attention

The Grand Grimoire of Pope Honorius?

Haven’t read that in a looooooooooog time :open_mouth:

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On the cover of this grimoire has a similar circle, the circle of JS Garrett resembles this circle of this Grimoire

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I see that circle everywhere lol its one of those little things that are everywhere but we don’t even realized it,like 5 pointed star or the eye,and I don’t believe in Illuminati and the rest of crazy bs but some symbols are everywhere this is one of them

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…“large circle approximately 10 feet in diamaeter” … (Anthology Of Sorcery Volume 3, The Rite of Deification, page 175)