Circle of power

While imagining archangels from front: “before me Uriel, at my back: Raphael” do you recall out loud that Uriel is before you or do you recall it within the mind?? I’ve been doing it out loud but since I evoke at night time I try to be in the middle of silent and noisy (because of my neighbours)

You can do it out loud, whisper, or say it in your mind. It all works. But it’s better if you can vibrate the words through your throat.

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Cool thx!!

But is it alright if I don’t do the circle of power and start with evocation immediately?

When using the method in Archangels of Magick, it is best to use the Ritual Opening and the Circle of Power before doing an evocation. They take only a few minutes to do but they help get you into the proper mindset for magick.

If you can’t take even five minutes for your preparation, you won’t be very successful at evocation.


I do them always no matter what , I’m concerned about every little detail that makes me do it anyways