Circle of Power numbing my brain and senses. Need help?

Whenever I do Circle of Power (basic calling from Archangels of Magick book), my senses are getting numb and I was pushed into a fugue state. Like I am full of energy but can’t direct this energy anywhere. I can’t even do math properly and I feel like reality is not real anymore.

This lasts for atleast two days after the ritual. I have tested it many times.

Any idea what’s happening. I appreciate your help in helping me deal with this?

If you’re doing the circle of power … then it’s doing what it’s supposed to do , give you power , try different experiments with ways to channel it

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That’s pretty odd. I experienced no such effect, and I performed the Circle of Power daily for a month.

Are you doing any other rituals alongside the Circle? Perhaps some other energies are interfering.

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Sometimes I do other rituals. Sometimes I do only CoP. The effect is the same. But during these two days I feel like I have power and many random coincidences happen to make things occur that I think about.

All is good except that I feel like I will explode and I can hear my heartbeat while sleeping. I feel like I can’t take it anymore so I do not do this for next few days. I can’t get good night sleep also due to this over power may be. Generally I am a sound sleeper.

There was a time once I did the Advanced Calling of the CoP for continuous one week and everything went crazy - my reality and my dreams as well. I had weird dreams that I can’t explain and I lost touch with reality and time. I had to stop it after that and took me a while to get into my senses. From that point on I do only basic calling but now this also became intense.

Thank you @NailOH for the suggestion. Could suggest me any references as how can I channel this. Any book that I can refer to?