Circle of Pacts weird experience

When I first saw this symbol I felt that seductive presence demons give out and fell into some sort of rapture. And this happened just by looking at it! WTF?

So I decided to experiment and use this as a sigil. I did a relaxation meditation and then gazed into the symbol and it opened surprisingly fast. I immediately fell into the rapture state and my room became stuffed with entities. I felt hands brushing my shoulders and shit.

So what the hell is this? A sigil, a gateway?

I urge you to try this, it’s great! I feel like I’m on drugs.

Did you use the circle of demonic pacts or the gateway of pacts with the demonic language around it? The gateway will indeed pop you in some weird trance states.

I used this. Which is what, exactly? I mean, which one is this and where can I find the other one?

Edit: Scratch that last one, I found it. The gateway didn’t really get me in a trance state, but the circle did. A very deep rapture. Any thoughts on this?

My thoughts are … I’m going to have to try this!

Just looking at it on my computer screen with this intention, and the air feels as if it’s about to explode …

Gonna have to try this too!

I’m going to do an evocation to see who I’m dealing with exactly. But I won’t do it too soon, I have another evocation planned…

I had one hell of an experience the first time I painted this symbol on to black cloth. As I started over the primer coat of white paint with my red paint rain started to fall outside. As I finished the circle I put my paints down and laid down on my couch waiting for it to dry. As soon as my head hit the pillow, BOOM! Loud as fuck, lightening and thunder took out the power to my neighborhood. Then in total darkness with the pact laid out on my floor, the air filled with demons. Black spirits surrounded me, and danced in the shadows around the room. It was powerful, creepy, but I wasn’t at all scared, I felt comfortable in the darkness, for the first time!

Update on my experience.

I opened the circle of pacts like opening a sigil again. I said “Alash Tad Al’ash Tal Ashtu” three times, then said Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel for another three times.

When I felt the tens of entities crowding my room, I called “In the names of Azazel, Belial, Abaddon and Amaymon… Servants, come! Familiars, come!” and I could feel a couple of entities quickly rushing to answer. I gave them the task of giving me money before I get to do a certain ritual with a friend, which was to be done that same day. I didn’t even realize when I got the money (and much more than I hoped for), it all happened so fast and smooth… This is the best shit ever!!

I can imagine, I’m going to try it!
I had it with this one as well!

instantly making my mind shift and then having a pretty intruiging astral dream which was actually really pleasant and fun and positive… :slight_smile: and playful…just by looking at it…;

wow your post is from july 2013 I hope you’ll still be able to read this one though…;