Circle of Pacts in blue instead of red?

I just finished making my own circle of pacts. Instead of it being painted red on black cloth, I painted it blue on black cloth. In Koetting’s OBEs, when he traveled to Azazel’s kingdom, he saw the circle of pacts by Azazel’s throne in an azure or blue color, not red. On another occasion he also saw it in blue in the astral realm. Do you guys think that it makes any difference in effectiveness if its in blue instead of red?

The reason I made it blue is because the magic circle should represent your idea of the Godhead or eternal creation. And I identify with the symbolism of blue much more than the symbolism of red. I realize that it is considered a “demonic” circle of pacts but since in the astral realm it is colored blue, I see no reason for it to be less effective. What do you think?

I think you need to post pictures.

Shit in that case I might make mine violet or purple. Due to a dream I had not too long ago.

out of curiosity, what kind of paint did you use and on what kind of cloth? My first attempt to paint a red circle on black cloth was quite painstaking and did not turn out well, as the paint dried it shrunk… causing un flattenable wrinkles throughout.

I wish I could post a picture. I just don’t have the means to do so. My circle came out better than I expected it to. It was quite painstaking, but I enjoyed it. I used “Tulip” brand fabric paint on black felt. After painting it once using a pretty thick layer of paint, it also shrank, but just a little. I only had to touch up a few light spots once. The paint now is not smooth throughout, but slightly bumpy or wrinkly. But the slight bumpiness is consistent throughout and does not detract from its appearance.