Circle of demonic pacts_consecration ritual please

Greetings Nightcrawlers,

Recently (this past week), I received a CIRCLE OF DEMONIC PACTS from my dear friend/fiend forum member - Jakob420.

Now, as to the exact details of how, who, what, and where…I shall discuss that at a later more appropriate time. The interesting string of “unseemingly” unrelated events to how this all came about is another post!

Jakob420 made this particular Circle whilst in an creative trance.
The Circle that is posted has not been used in ritual.
As the new & current owner, I feel that such an important implement MUST be consecrated with my energy.

Can any experienced, more advanced Adepts than I, share a CONSECRATION RITUAL that should/must be performed in order to “charge” this implement for MAXIMUM POTENCY and/or protection too.

If you feel more comfortable please just PM me, if the said ritual (if any exists) is a little more intimate.

Be Well ALL!!! My journey continues.


All that shite that’s atop the counter is my roommates mess. As a Living God, I don’t leave garbage laying around my area. Plus I’m single at the moment and don’t a girlfriend that would clean it up for me or my roomie :slight_smile:

That is fucking sweet Mode! I’m fucking jealous as hell ( wish I had a badass circle of pacts (stomps feet) its not FAIR!! UHHHH!). Jakob420 excellent job man, you should be proud.

As far as consecrating the circle I believe there is a section in evoking eternity which explains a method. I don’t have it in front of me to be certain but I’m pretty certain :slight_smile:


Here Tiberius James lays out a good method for casting and empowering a circle.

It is fair DAMNIT!!! For I am THE BLACKEST NEOPHYTE OF THEM ALLLLLLL…muauhhhhh…muahh…muahhhhhaHHHHHHh (sinister overly caffeinated Black Magician’s voice sound loop here).

In all seriousness, I’m exceptionally fortunate to have had a LOT of people (including you…insert TV show awe sound here…tears falling on the Temple floor, and flowers sprouting in there place…LOL) assist me over the last 4 months since I first signed on here at BALG.

Jakob did a much better job than I think he gave himself credit for. It’s pretty bad-ass however, all my meditation cushions fit neatly inside the Circle…oh I do too!

I actually have EE, so my good man, I’ll have to research the text and of course check out TJ’s link as well.

There’s a description of consecrating the ritual tools with the evocation of omnipotence on page 80 (the chapter about Basic Evocation) and the circle is mentioned on page 88

Take it into ritual with you and consecrate it there in front of Azazel. Use blood or semen to connect it to you, and fill it with your divine light.

Dante abiel and Erick koetting are the only ones who can properly open and consencrate these circles.

So what are they doing to the circle that no one else can achieve?

I did try contacting Mr. Abiel regarding building a Circle for me specifically. He never responded back. Professionally, I always give 7 days for a reply, then I’ll follow-up again etc. I follow-up elsewhere and found that at this time Dante was unable to, because of other commitments. I completely understand.

However, I kept pushing on, and to my great good fortune connected with Jakob420.

Long story short: through doing a very basic ritual & releasing my desire…poof…a Magick Circle presented itself for me.

So, now my desire has been fulfilled but I must still participate in my own life & Ascent. Which brings me here, I now have the implement but I need to charge it…somehow.

Maybe before the Evocation Class, info or materials will be release about C.O.D.P for Adept’s, it would be cool if we good get our claws on pre-made circle’s already consecrated which I would invest in, but if not, I’m going to use and still keep Jakob420’s beautiful gift to me.

I can make you a circle and charge it correctly. Though to bind it to yourself you need to add your blood, sweat or semen. Doesn’t have to be much, just enough to tie the object directly to you. It will already have been tied to the demons of the BOA and the four Kings. I was thinking about offering these circles, complete with everything you need to contact BOA spirits, to members of the forum for a reasonable price.

As I stated a moment ago. Dante and Erick koetting are the only ones who can open these properly, anyone else open in these is going to cause you a problem eventually

Sure wish E.A. had bothered to mentioned that in BOA or at least when so many people here were making their own.


DK’s Circle is fuckin’ bangin’ man!!!

Really nice work

As I stated a moment ago. Dante and Erick koetting are the only ones who can open these properly, anyone else open in these is going to cause you a problem eventually

This is an interesting claim, since Koetting openly admits to having pulled it from A. E. Waite’s Book of Ceremonial Magic. In my copy, the plate isn’t clearly attributed, but it’s clearly from one of the standard grimoires. Waite was dismissive of goetic magic, so he can’t have had to look too hard to find it. How can this circle have been in continuous use since the 14th-16th century, but two guys in their early thirties in the 21st century are the only ones who know how to use it, even though they’ve never made that claim themselves? They don’t even work inside a Goetic framework and it’s called The Goetic Circle!
How come every other glyph, seal, circle, and sigil in the western tradition is endlessly adaptable to different intents and frameworks? But this one thing is different? The circle itself seems to be a product of this very adaptability, as it incorporates many established symbols in a novel way.
Even if there was a secret, there’d be a dozen or more spirits able to tell it to you, or let you know who you needed to get it from…

One, I don’t really care to explain or even take the time to read that. Use the circle and risk getting fucked over or get one from Dante… doesn’t matter to me either way

Your frequent claims of exclusivity invariably fail to check out. Strangely, these vague claims always coincide with refusals to elaborate or provide a resource of substantive information. I bet the reason for this is also a secret.

But, it’s one more thing to figure out, so thanks for that I guess…

I’ll do my own research and keep my findings to myself, since that’s increasingly the fashion around here.

I’m assuming necro is speaking off of some insider information he aquired. So how about this then, I imagine Azazel or one of the other four kings could instruct someone in how to properly consecrate it.

Ant’harr’atu…summon him and ask for help designing your circle.

[quote="‘Mode_439’"]DK’s Circle is fuckin’ bangin’ man!!!

Really nice work[/quote]

Thanks man!
Btw, nice avatar. I’ve been reading that book. One of the few with legitimate and valuable information.

[quote=“DK The Mage, post:19, topic:1196”]Thanks man!
Btw, nice avatar. I’ve been reading that book. One of the few with legitimate and valuable information.[/quote]

Have you had any problems with your Circle of Pacts DK? Also, any insights into its use you’d like to share with us?