"Cimeies" the 66th spirit of the ars goetia, said to rule over all the spirits of parts Africa, what does this mean?

I first want to state my intentions are not to offend or disrespect anyone, but to gain knowledge.

So Cimeies is is said to rule over all spirits in parts of Africa, what does this mean? Is this saying he rules over some of the Loa or spirits of Voodoo? What does this mean? And if anyone has worked with him, please let me know what you’re experiences was, is, or has been. Thanks so much, best regards ~ Plutonian_Stellium


I have no idea what is meant by him ruling over all spirits in Africa but I have some ideas. The voodoo connection is interesting but not sure it rings true, for me anyway. :thinking: Your best bet would probably be to call him up and ask him. I do wonder at that also (the “spirits in Africa” thing), but as far as I can see it has no practical application.

My one or two experiences with him were overwhelmingly positive and I find him a very fascinating spirit. Actually, he’s been on my mind most of today; I’ve been thinking of calling him again, and so I’m taking your post as a sign/synchronity that I should do so. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wrote a bit about him in the post below (if you’ll excuse the self-promotion), just my experience and thoughts. Just scroll down to the “Cimeries” subheading.


Thank you so much! He came to my mind today, and I have not worked with him (that I know of anyways) so perhaps I’m being used as a sign :joy:

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No worries :slight_smile: Also take a look at that VK Jehannum post I linked in the other thread. There are a bunch more powers linked to him. It’s definitely a connection worth exploring if he’s been on your mind.

The goetia for the most part have nothing to do with the spirits of Africa unless they work with the Loa aside from the LHP usual melding of Gods and goetic demons though highly unlikely.

It probably means they rule over all the spirits of Africa lol.

Which would be wrong~

I’m just making a joke lol.

Saying it probably means what it says.

I’m not saying that’s actually the case.

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I get you no worries

@Dralukmun What do you think of this?

religious propaganda, probably based on Dictionarrie Infernal, which placed various demons as ambassadors of various parts of the world with patron saints of those countries as their adversaries. Considering the edition of the text were changed to really focus on organizing the demons within the author’s catholic beliefs, this was likely a way to say that local spirits of each region were associated with the demonic. This text would have great influence on the goetia later on, which is why many of the imagery and descriptions of the demons are found in both texts.