I have a question- E A has produce basically busloads of materials- Any one of his works is basically a busload of itself. Being one of the strange people who has to approach a work at some point of Best Actual Beginning- I am wondering if E A; or someone could maybe give a best starting point- not only to readings; but workshops, etc. Some form of a best “Foundation” upon which attatching and raising walls- and Ascending Levels- would be most likely and orderly. i know this is somewhat not as easy to approach as reading a book from chapter one- but it is kinda the only way I have been able to best read and understand and act upon a book the best. Even as the hardest of hardcore mormons (not virulent Formon); after nearly 40 years I never have yet met one mormon or anything else who had read cover to cover (by read I mean Study-with crossref’s) The Bible alone- let alone The Apocrypha- 7 differant versions of the bible; as well as mormon scriptures ONCE; let alone 7 times in an actual effort to memorise them all. but always 'began at the beginning- which actually flooded my brain with intricacies which finally piled up to the point Denial- could no longer stand the weight and the entire ediface collapsed— but had I not worked so severely in that work; having an already prepared Path and Purpose and Spiritual Experiance leading into “The Occult and So Called Sinister Arts” ; may never have been made so plain . So- even though I want to gorge myself at the Insane huge Buffet that E A has produced- what would someone suggest as the best place to start 'eating “study and read” and “Digesting” “put into Work and practice what has been eaten” ? hellz I can barely follow what I have just written- what a long fun as hell trip this is going to prove to be! feel free to email me offlist if you wish.

-TWF- (a member here) made a post answering pretty much this question about the books, you can find it here - that might help. :slight_smile:

And, I haven’t done the courses myself, but Soul Travel is the foundational skill I found tied everything together for me, bear in mind I paid four-figure sums to train in that over several years so I guess that would be the course I’d suggest taking first, but important to remember I haven’t done them myself so this isn’t qualified advice from someone who knows the material, just my opinion, because soul travel boosted everything else (divination, evocation, spirit contact, etc) for me.

IMO, for what it’s worth, EVERYTHING seems to begin with mastering the TGS. Starting there, combined with energy work, while reading (which you’ve done so well!) just to get a basic background seems to be a logical place to start.

While I also am a newbie and purchased the soul travel course, I’ve come to find that I am having greater success with sigils. Which then places me two steps away from evoking. BUT, I can use the sigils to work with entities who will help me with the soul travel. So, I have waylaid the course, temporarily (perhaps two more weeks or so) and am just working on me in a different way.

And I completely agree with Lady Eva that soul travel is a foundational skill. But, there may be more than one way for you to achieve your goals depending upon your own special talents you already have which may lead you on an alternate route to your ultimate objective.

That is what I did, without the intention of doing so. Plus, the soul travel course begins with all meditative work.

I hope that helps!