Christmas Star Bethlehem Star and Age of Aquarius

I just found out a few rare astronomic phenomena will occur this December 2020: a meteorite shower on 14 Dec and a comet passing also on the 21st Dec Christmas Star (Saturn and Jupiter alignment) will be visible which only happens once every 800 years.There is talk about the Age of Aquarius beginning.
I am thinking big changes are coming and may be a powerful moment for magic.


This is actually going to be a huge day, the winter solstice this year falls upon an alignment of the planets, entering the age of aquarius which hasn’t been done in 200 years. I hope someone makes a thread to this topic again as the new age is about to begin and I stress this enough everyone needs to go outside and meditate the 5d rays into your crown chakras on the 21st, this is going to be a time where awakenings and spiritual journeys are going to begin (hopefully :sweat_smile:)


Amazing. I will do that. I only hope will be visible from UK, today is foggy as fuck.

It will portend the birth of the Antichrist!

P.s. Maybe.


I looked at the sky with power sky watching binoculars and the 2 planets were distinctly apart, there was no Christmas star, at least not from London.