Christian Witchcraft Pt. 6 (I think 😂)

Heres a rite you can do for those times when you have a little too much of a Celestial (Any Angelic, New Age, Light, Christian, Zoroastraian, Buddhist, Catholic, energy) current affecting you.
This uses the energy of Neptune, Darkness, and the I Ching (yes i included the I Ching. Its purpose is to stabilize the currents that will be moving around you through Vibrating the names of the elements).

The Exorcism of Neptune

● 5 Black or White Candle with The Seal of Neptune Engraved on them (by hand or otherwise)
● A drop of Blood (or the equivalent if none is available)
● An object belonging to the person (hair, clothing, sexual fluids, writing, photo, etc)
● Planetary Symbol of Neptune
● Inverted Pentagram
● Circle
● Athame


Make the Circle and Call the Quarters

Draw the Inverted Pentagram on the floor with the Planetary Seal of Neptune in the Center and the 5 candles engraved with Neptunes seal at each point

If this is for a Person other than yourself, place the Link to that person (photo, hair, etc) in the Center of the Pentagram.
If it is for yourself, Stand in the Center of the pentagram.

Going counter clockwise, Give a drop of blood for each candle and then light them.
Open the Gate of Neptune with the following conjuration:

Spirit of Darkness,
Open the Gate to the Abyssal Waters


Open the Seal of Neptune and let the Primal Current of Darkness be brought Forth…

Slowly Rotate counterclockwise and go through the 8 directions and Vibrate the 8 Trigrams
8 x 8 = 64; 64 is the number of Neptune

N: Ch’ien

NW: Tui

W: Li

SW: Chen

S: K’un

SE: Ken

E: K’an

NE: Sun

Returning to the North, repeat the following incantation:

In nomine diaboli, et potestas, et Spiritus inferos inter nam ignes, et profundissimum infernum capesse

(In the Name and Power of The Devil, His Spirit, Hell and the Fires within I conjure you Sheol)

Fidelium, pacto et ignis de laicis personis mutantur animae
HOC EST quartæ inhabitabiles propter angelos

(By the Pact of Souls and of Fire, change the lay of this Persons Soul
Let it become uninhabitable for Angels)

Et si sanctus seu caelestis Current

(And any Holy or Celestial Current)

Raise your Athame:
De Dcemone Laminas Sit autem diaboli lumen terebramus acuto Anima Historiae Hujus hic homo

(Let the Demon Blade of The Devil pierce the Soul of this person)

Aut ulla vena bonum caeleste, quod a Domino, et conteret omnia

(And Destroy all that is of Jehovah or any Celestial current)
Stab the Air straight in front of you

Place your Index and Middle fingers of your left hand on your Ajna:
Super haec persona est scriptor Ajna sit apertum sigillum diaboli esto

(Upon This person’s Ajna let the seal of the devil be open!)

Going Clockwise, Vibrate the 8 Trigrams in the 8 directions.
Again Going Clockwise, extinguish the candles in the pentagram 1 by 1.

Leave the Circle.

Let me know how this feels and turns out for you guys. Give feedback please! :metal::metal::fist::fist: