Christian revisionism

We need to have some words about this…

I am watching a new…“organization” push out some very freaky and familer concepts and it has spread over the world like a wild fire.

Any one care to intellectually indulge me?

And you can miss me with that christ cuck shot too. I want a serious topic focused discussion

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There’s so much to choose from: the apocrypha, the points at which Jesus (if it was one man) had his story turned into a movement, and then subverted, cave paintings of people wearing helmets, the role of ancient cults in subverting the early Church and turning it into something else entirely, and let’s not forget this:

Tl;dr there is that earth’s shape causes it to periodically flip:

This is the old source of “the sun rises in the north and sets in the south” as heard in much verbal-tradition, and arguably why around 5000 years ago people went absolutely nuts hauling huge stones to check the sun was rising in the same place at midsummer and midwinter, because wobble might precede the flip, so tracking any change in the location would be worth that time and effort.

If it did roll, the oceans would (it’s argued) keep right on going along their existing motion, causing massive floods and breaches in the earth’s mantle, causing lava to consume some regions (there you have your “hellfire punished the baddies” myth).

Oral history is remarkably resilient and possibly MORE accurate than written, where it survives. So those ancient circle builders may have had a tradition, and attempted to pass it along, only to be basically genocided by the Romans.

I’ll self-link this on the topic of history and what we lose, while I’m here: Things our society has lost or forgotten: could true magick be one?

I know these are not directly on topic, but they are highly suggestive of the fact history is far from set in stone, and that erasing all records of a thing will result in it being lost within 2 - 3 generations.


That gif gives me anxiety.


This is actually a fair response to my queation. I have been looking into the mithras mysteries, purely out of work for a table top game. Some of the things i read were interesting

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Part of me thinks that, my black sun meditation. Being not satisfied with half truth, is in motion.

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What about the Essenes and Dead Sea Fragments Found From the True Man Isa The invasion of Roman Occupying forces in Jerusalem, the Mass Cruxifion happening at that time. Leading up to the 13th Century Enlightenment and the Fall of Constantinople.

That’s where the Fall in consciousness started happening I believe, The Roman Catholic Church not withstanding. Taking Land and Lives. Destroying ancient architecture Monuments. Wars always war with Paternal Religion there must always be maintained a Balance Within as they say. We went To the Right Hard as a Civilization. Patronizing Women and Making them our Stepping stones. The true Teaching as Taught By Isa Were Basically Left hand Path Evocations and Ritualistic Cleansing. He was Equivalent to a Shamanic Healer.

This is What Set was telling me We have to Build A Grid To Keep Breakwater Flooding, Fuck Thank you :pray:t3: Finally solved that one I been wondering why he keeps telling me New Egypt, Massive Megalithic Stone Circles Though, in the Dreams.


Im dumb i should know this person

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Not that your dumb, you Just forgot Islam Sorry Study All for full scope

What a grim pdf. Im surprised anyone else has read it

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Oh right Look at his Brothers and James the Just Being Dedicated to The Lord from birth. He was who Saul or Paul tried killing and got imprisoned. The angels that pulled him from the cell and then marched him across the country with an army afterward. Hmmm Roman? Yep :+1:

In most ways It was Indeed Whiny ass Paul who created the Jesus in the Bible. Claiming revelations apon a road to Damascus.