Christian Goetia?

My experience suggests that a prominent Goetic spirit is actually attached to Christianity and wants to push that to the point of becoming a pest. My studies indicate there is some truth to this. What has tripped me up is how we’ve had many positive adventures in the past. Things became troubled and when I found myself fighting with him rather than having positive encounters I trashed his altar because it seemed he wasn’t listening. I don’t do that lightly but I see it as a way of wanting to be taken seriously and that I won’t stand for bullying. I won’t go into every little detail, but we became close and this is a let-down.

I realize that Baal is a title and that there are many Baals–in the ancient world, lords of place, and sometimes designating a human. One of them appeared to me visibly some years ago and I’ve had an at times difficult relationship with him. I chose to struggle through rather than succumb to ordeals and to see it as a way of building my strength. I have always treated him with the utmost respect and courtesy until he began to ride me, seemingly about becoming Christian. It seems he may be one of the forces behind Christianity for his own reasons. And I’m aware that there could be something like a LHP Christianity.

My question to the forum is, has anyone experienced Baal or any of the Baals to be a Christian pest? Or is he trying to use some harsh experiences of my childhood to get under my skin in order for me to ‘alchemize the dross’, so to speak. These things may not be mutually exclusive. I suffered humiliation and abuse at the hands of Christian day care workers and I have wondered if I’ve more work to do to clear that out of my psyche.

My interest in the LHP was never about a simple rejection of Christianity but there is a certain irony in having Christian forces (or those appearing as such) come through the Goetia, as if to show how deep certain roots go. I understand Christianity to be derivative of Roman Paganism with plagiarism from Mystery Religions, Egyptian & Sumerian mythos, among other things. If those threads exist, so be it but it doesn’t mean i want to be run ragged by a proselytizing Christian, or those appearing as such.

Another spirit with me said I’d been tricked, and that this particular Baal was ‘a loser.’

Another angle that I’ve seen LHP folks explore is how Christian ancestors may wind up exerting pressure on a person trying to break away from the weight of tradition. When I went through a profound awakening some years ago there seemed to be memories of playing a role in ceremonial events in ancient times as well as having Christians invade my home and start burning things. It seems there is a troubled past there, or at least it’s suggestive of such an interpretation.

I welcome any comments and thoughts on the subject. The forum is too big to do an exhaustive search to see if this has been covered before.


Considering how many times Baal is mentioned in the Bible and “Gods chosen” were instructed to wipe out and kill hordes of men women and children for worshipping the “false god Baal” I find this a very interesting read. I personally have no doubts but given all the contexts I think it’s safe to consider Baal as a strictly as an adveserial entity. Nothing adds up any other way- like if Batmans secret identity was the Joker. Also the arguments which there is plenty of that Baal and Baal-zebub/ Beelzebub share lineage and are in fact the same entity. Heres a good video that really breaks down the lineage and entomology

I guess what I’m getting at is I doubt anyone would consider or any other suggestion that beelzebub is a spirit who goes around trying to reverb occultists to Christianity. Just my opinion.


Thanks, Novembercomingfire. Will check out that video.

In my experience & studies there is a link via Baal Berith, lord of the fir tree, as a dying and rising god, a mythos which seems to have worked its way forward via the Babylonian holy family as a prototype for Christian mythos. There is also the situation around Ugarit’s Baal Cycle with Baal, Yam and Mot who some have syncretized with Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. In this case, Baal is the high god on Mt. Zaphon and the adversaries are Yam and Mot.

There’s also a comment somewhere in some version of the Christian bible where Baal is reported to have said he doesn’t want to be called Baal anymore, but Ishi, or husband. It doesn’t seem impossible that Baal or some of the Baals have used Christianity for their own purposes. Which is no problem for me–but it doesn’t mean I want to be pressed into joining that ‘flock.’

There’s also that business of the Pharisees saying that Jesus has Beelzebub in his head to empower his magick. Not that I am just willing to take the Pharisees or the Bible’s word here necessarily.

Your sense is that he’s just giving me trouble to wind me up and test my boundaries, see what I will do under duress. I will take your words into consideration.

Cheers, V.


May I ask what spirit it was that called Baal “a loser”? cuz that’s hilarious. I need more spirits like that in my life.

He didn’t confirm but I believe it may have been Loki.

Sounds like I need to do more digging myself as I am not at all familiar with some of this. Mine was just opinion and some loose here and there’s. You certainly seem to have much more study and empirical.

Yes indeed my relations with Baal have been…stormy! As one may expect. There’s been a little too much learning by ordeal, trial by fire. I think I am going to step back from engaging with him and work more with Loki.

Incidentally, not too long ago someone with me (several at any given time it seems) said 'Seth is Loki!" And I said, 'Who’s lying to me?" I heard quickly, 'Baalberith."

I have no knowledge or scholarship that Loki was ever called Baal and think this may be bullshit. Does anyone know any differently? While I have made a go at working with Set–and after much hardship–my heart really belongs to Loki and Ishtar.

Update: After this commotion things have been re-set in a more positive way and Baal and a friend of his have proven themselves helpful and he asked for another chance. He is also giving me another chance. I received information that something I tried some years ago backfired for a particular reason. I knew that things didn’t work out but was not exactly sure why and now I have a better idea.

I’ve been able to help myself with magic in a lot of nice ways. I face some significant challenges still so what remains to do for the future is even more important.

Best, V.

This is exactly how things usually pan out in all my workings with the goetic hierarchy. Especially in matters concerning money, ascension, and personal gain. For me its almost never an easy experience. If anything it just plunges your life into chaos in order to force you into becoming a more proper conduit for the desired outcome.

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