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Ever had a friend who keeps preaching the Bible but lives and behaves in such a deplorable way and you think to yourself “I’m a better Christian than you.”


That happens because they think that being Christians makes them automatically good or favored persons. Most Catholics I’ve encountered actually behave like atheists, but at the same time they think that they are “saved”. Other types of Christians are more into being afraid of Satan and stealing people’s time and money than into Jesus. However, there are some exceptions, mostly old people who come from a time when being Christian made more sense.


You tell me that, I’m from a Catholic country. It’s kind of insane. Since they’re majority they manage to be incredible assholes “In the name of Christ” and got away with it. Worst case scenario, they get a slap in the wrist after destroying works of art.

That sounds horrible :frowning_face: Sadly, these things happen since Christianity became the dominant religion in the Western world. It’s not that pagans were perfect people, but Christians have been more phrone to be assholes since they have had the power to be like that. .


I think that’s the majority of a lot of religion’s

Not entirely. At least in the US, many of the Jews and Muslims I’ve known don’t force themselves onto others. I believe the reason is because they know they aren’t the majority religion. Christians, and Catholics, that I’ve known, have been the opposite. They are use to being the majority religion and believing themselves to be the one true way. So they have no problem trying to impose themselves onto you. Even the ones that don’t actively do so still to some degree have their own biases and prejudices. They’re very subtle when they show it to you.

I remember a telling a Christian coworker about my involvement in Wicca, and she said “You don’t have to do that stuff. Just be yourself.” I wanted to say “Bitch, that is me!” Course I couldn’t.

Jewish people have been generally nice to me. As for Muslims, it depends. If they’re middle eastern descended, they tend to be okay regarding their religious beliefs. Though the African descended ones can be just as big of assholes as Christians. Plus, they also tend to be the types who culturally isolate themselves from white people. Like they don’t talk to other white people. They call them colonizers. Some like to bully people for being white. That sort of thing. I don’t like to say this (cause I actually enjoy African Americans), but if you behave that way, you really should go back to Africa. (If you don’t you can stay.)


No offense to any African Americans here.

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That is true honestly any individual in any religion can be ignorant.


Yep, including the so called LHP. Just check out the posts on this forum of people who get all offended if you say something bad about their favourite spirit.

I like the philosophies of the lhp. Just not the general culture surrounding it.

The Satanic bible says “When a man smite you in one cheek, smash him in the other.”

I say “If you smite a man in one cheek, expect he’ll smash you in the other.”

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Listen man I use to go to a nigerian church. They considered my mother and myself outsiders they would openly speak their language around us when they dident want us to understand them. They would talk about how lazy african Americans are while we were in the room.

MLK weeps.

What time was that? Believing in a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity…wait for it…from himself! Well you can’t say Xtianity isn’t god centred. But it’s also an absurd and vile superstition. Why didn’t god send himself, etc; and do all of that on the dark side of the moon, then piss off? Everyone saved without any sicko rules to follow. God did it all covertly on the dark side.



I live in germany and am technicaly catholic but am not really religious anymore. I see that at least where i live religion becomes less important or a side thing for most people.

There is also a hindu temple near my area. They do a festival ever so often where they put hooks in their flesh and so on. Bur they do it for themselves and are mostly good friendly people and so not push their belief onto others.

Muslims though oh boy. Ever so godfearing if they can look good with that but drink and beeing mayor asheats in general. The older ones are a bit more respectful but those are exceptions.

Not trying to be mean here but it can be a mayor Problem. There are even areas controlled by mafialike clans.

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Yes I have this kind of acquaintance. He praises god and warns about the Devil. He thinks that the Devil got a hold on him but now he is on god’d side.

He just can’t admit that his own mistakes are his fault and not Devil’s act. And the best part is that he still does the same shit than before.


They will be assholes to which they then say “god will forgive me!” Like, okay?? Is that something you’re proud of?? Just don’t be an asshole and he won’t have to?


The Seven Day Repressionist Church of God/Christ (Arsehole) welcomes Xtians of all types – the more fucked up, the better. Jesus said, “…suffer the little children…” and in our church, my word they do! As washed in the blood of the lamb, Seven Day Repressionist Xtians we repress ourselves and others: seven days a week.

And always remember: If my god tells me to, you and your family are dead!


High Priest

Seven Day Repressionist Church of God/Christ (Arsehole)

If I ran a satanist group, I wouldn’t suffer the little children. Warning. 18+ only. We do weird shit.


Only the deluded judge others by temporal standards. Those that judge by eternal standards never fall to judge others.

Actually in Islam, it is a really bad thing (unforgiving even) to force someone to join Islam.

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