Christian Bestfriend

Well, as the title says, my best friend is a christian, and worse, a protestant (Envagelic/angelic, whatetever they are called in english), so, he obviously doesn’t like very much what I do, or am trying to become.

Okay, he is pretty much passive and half hearted in his atempts to make me see the ‘truth’ and that demons(Anything that is not from God) are evil, hell, even Astral Travel is evil for those people…

The problem is, he is living with a devoted christian mom (That according to him, can call fort angels) and he also says he spoke to ‘angel’ ‘possessing’ the body of a person that gave him a vision from the future.

And that vision, somehow has ME as a fucking PASTOR from a goddamed church! The ‘vision’ (Again, more like a feeling) I received from trying to speak with Azazel was completely different.

And he wants to make me his disciple(One of 12 he is asked to have)… The only ONE good thing I saw about this is that they are gonna teach about the key of solomon (Tough I probably would have to filter their biased views).

Well, that is not in itself the problem, as we are very close and would not allow such things as religion get in the way of our friendship. The problem I see, is with his companions, his mom and other envangelics. I can just guess what is to happen if they learn of what I do (At best, they will start wanting to convert me, at worst, they will forbid my brother to speak to me again).

Again, I could just refuse to be his disciple, but I’m sure this is not the best idea, as he is being influenced by them at alarming levels, and I’m not sure if I can control myself if they start calling every deity from other religions the Devil… Or if they try to forbid me from watching my anime! (It’s actually possible, as envangelics only allow things from ‘god’.)

So yeah Houston, we have a problem. I want to be able to free him from this, the problem is, I don’t know if his mother’s powers are real or what entities are around his house, and I can’t spirit travel to se there…

Anyone know of a good thing I can do to try to make him see what his religion truly is? If there is a good sigil spirit to help?

Only things from “Gawd” are allowed? That pretty much opens everything up, doesn’t it? Since the very definition of their “Gawd” is as the Creator of Everything, and, if it is the creator of all that is, then nothing could be outside of it, therefore even anime is “from Gawd.”

I would suggest not trying to “free” your friend. It is his choice, and if you infringe upon that choice, then you are just confirming everything he is being told about you. By using a spirit to change his point of view, you will be guilty of doing to him exactly what he is trying to do to you. If you don’t want to be his “disciple” (which, when you think about it, is really delusional on his part), then say no. The problem with people like this, is that they take any visions they receive literally, and as we all know, visions are rarely straight and to the point. They are usually symbolic, and require interpretation. Give him a copy of EA’s book Questing After Visions. Maybe he’ll get a clue.

In my opinion, tell him you are not interested in his religion and that you have your own beliefs. If he is truly your friend, then he will stop trying to “convert” you by force, and respect your views. If he doesn’t, then he was only your friend as long as you shared his beliefs, and if that is what he is like, then he was never really your friend to begin with. That is the behavior cult members engage in. Just ask any former Scientologists.

Just wait untill her mom drives him crazy, he’ll surely join you in your dark trip lol! Joking aside, exploit their weaknessess. If your friend is a mental person, call forth Paimon and ask him to make your friend realize the much of a shit to be one of the lambs of god. If he’s driven by intuition, call Belith. At the same time, make him feel the taste of power and pleasure, awake ambition and ego-satisfaction in him.

What is this I don’t even…

How will your freinds family keep you from doing anything?Unless your worried that they will send an arch angel to keep you from watching anime or something…I need a facepalm gif

If your worried about people evoking entities to control you , you just need to work on your own skills, as Jabba would say in starwars only a weak minded fool would succumb to that sort of thing.

But seriously I have a good freind whose a muslim and I don’t have to put up with stuff like this.Also since when do regular christians summon angels to control their kids freinds? Or get desciples for that matter. What type of christian are they specifically? I’m kind of curious.

Tell him to fuck off. If he doesn’t, end the friendship. If you don’t want to be part of his church, don’t. If he tries to make you, end it.
Real friends overcome such minor differences. They don’t force you to be what they want you to be.

I am amazed by the stupidity of human beings. I myself am a practicing Roman Catholic, but I’m also a Kabbalist and really rather friendly associates with deities from other religions. So, yeah, Catholic wizard who’s buddies with Norse and Greco-Roman gods. None of the entities I’ve met so far mind, so long as I don’t turn up my nose at them for stupid, human reasons- like “none of the other gods exist”.

If anything, I find that angels, and archangels in particular, are extraordinarily embarrassed by crazy Christian folks, and are often very apologetic about them. Some have even told me they go out of their way to ignore the fevered, moronic prayers of these people. So don’t feel bad about not wanting to be on this person’s side. The entities they revere aren’t all that thrilled either.

I forgot to add, if the fanatical mother sends an angel after you, you can go into a trance state and meet the angel, or evoke it, and explain what’s going on. Some angels won’t act if the person who sent them is in the wrong. You could turn it back on them. That is always a possibility.

What is this I don’t even…

How will your freinds family keep you from doing anything?Unless your worried that they will send an arch angel to keep you from watching anime or something…I need a facepalm gif

If your worried about people evoking entities to control you , you just need to work on your own skills, as Jabba would say in starwars only a weak minded fool would succumb to that sort of thing.[/quote]

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (Brazillian internet laugh, don’t mind it).
That is not it at all! I’m fairly confident I can take what a crazy christian can try to send after me. And the thing I am worried about is them preaching non stop in my ear that rock is from the devil, that anime is from exu, that kind of nonsense, making me lost control and lash out at them.

And well, they are envangelics, most of them are pretty much harmless… Except they prosecute any non envangelic, including catholics. The only interesting thing is that my friend claim his mother is a ‘prophet’ that can speak with ‘god’s angels’. So, if she can detect I sometimes works with demons or try to vamp random people, well, she might try something.

And the problem is NOT my friend, what I am worried about is that his mom will tell him to stop speaking to me because I am a ‘bad influence’… Nevermind that I never meet her before, but since he said she is ‘crazy christian’, I have my worries.

I actually liked darkest’s advice as well as Dianist, so for now, I will just leave him to his beliefs and (try to) make sure he understands I will NOT go back to that slavery of a church…

Also, thank you everyone for the advices :slight_smile:

Lol, they say anime is from exu in Brazil? Hahaha.

Jesus…(how appropiate was that, by the way).
I have a dear friend of mine, know her for about 10 years, and about 3 years ago she converted to be an evangelical christian…which I find a huge turn off…she`s great but I find boring as hell when she talks about “the other day we did x at the church, or we did y…”, or “the pastor says…”. Duh.
Even going at her home and then some other church partner would arrive saying "blessings, sister! " every other sentence. Makes me wanna leave the place in no more than 5 seconds.

He’s just trying to input some drama, but yeah, people are just like that here. I remember when I was young that my uncle would tell me this kind of shit about pokémon… And he’s not even religious at all…

you need new friends

well, at least he’s not a wiccan or a scientologist

that’s his problem.

why would you want to follow somebody who knows less than you? blind leading the blind anyone?

let me get this right. you have xian proselytizers trying to lead you into their bullshit while you are busy learning demonology, and it’s causing you a problem? i don’t see the problem. the demons you are calling aren’t an issue. the angels your so-called friend says he calls on aren’t an issue. when you learn spiritism, you can call on angels and demons alike and they both come to you. the only issue is you have STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE trying to teach you spiritualism, which they clearly do not know.

your friend is clueless. MAYBE his mother knows how to conjure angels but clearly he doesn’t or he knows half of something. and it’s covered in fake morality.

you need new friends.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve used on the rare occasions someone I respected was trying to convert me towards their way of thinking:

"I appreciate you’re trying to guide me towards what you see as the truth and I’m very grateful you care enough. Faith - like your own - HAS to come from conviction and from the heart, and not from fear, external pressure, or trying to get on God’s good side by making a commitment I don’t really feel.

I can promise you that the whole issue of faith and spirituality is of great importance to me - however I must explore my own path, and if it should lead me to where you’re at, you’ll be the first person I’ll come to, to talk about this.

But please understand that I have to walk my own path with integrity, and that at the moment that’s taking me down a different direction. But thank you once again for caring."

It’s kinda saccharine but if you were in that person’s shoes and genuinely believed a friend might go to actual Hell for their beliefs, you probably would be as motivated, so while I don’t like that kind of pressure, it probably is actually coming from genuine concern, and if you care about the person then this acknowledges that.

Most of us have something where we feel as strongly and want to “educate” other people, in my case it’s various things related to food (for example, you don’t consume anything containing aspartame in my presence, unless you want a lecture), for other people it’s politics, the environment, veganism, etc - everyone’s just trying to look out for their friends in their own particular ways. :wink:

Almost every person around me are christians I am the only person I know of the left hand path other then the internet. I have turned many people to denounce there god and to make it fun for me I made them do it willingly three times in a row. It is always easy to pursue the weak minded and funny enough they always turn out to be the christians. I stop finding it fun so I stopped and just let them be. Turn your friend it will be easy if you tried.

turning christians is a waste of time.

one thing i have learned is that when you deal with truly spiritual people, they don’t get hung up on religion. it’s always the phonys that waste their time on those things.

find new friends.

Oh wow, I need really to have my time skip problem checked…

@Euoi: Not exactly Exu, but I’ve come across dozens of pastor blogs saying things on such level, pastors on TV are also like that and some religious people I’ve meet on real life don’t even like you reading things with symbolism… (I may need to put a disclaimer in my fiction as it WILL ofend christians…)

@Yuquen: Yes, that ‘may god bless you’ can get really annoying, specially for a non christian… That is one of the reasons I left the church…

@Diazin: You are from Brazil also, aren’t you?

@The fool: Yes, I need more friends, I want someone that is willingly to explore magick… That is not a wiccan (I tried, I tried…)

Yeah, I know they are clueless (They said to him that Astral Travel is a actual demon…)… And that is why I want my friend to not be a avid christian…

@Lady_Eva: That is one of the most helpfuls post in there, and I can actually see why he is trying to convert me, If I was in his shoes I would probably do it as well, as I would not want my friend to suffer…

Yeah, you know, that is what I will try first, once again, thank you miss Eva!

@Deon: I have a secret wish… I want to convert people out of christianism(everyone here is christian, if they are not, they are the rare atheist or crazy macumbeiros), make then my partners and, along with then, get enough money to buy all EA’s courses, as well as a handfull of books that is recommended on this forum, and learn together what we can about magick, and take over the city, then make it larger and larger, take over Amazonas, then Brazil!.. I’m a fiction writter, I have crazy dreams…

Actually, just a handful of people to study with would be perfect…

@The_Fool: Well, they are still easy targets everywhere tough… And I will work on getting new friends… I hope…

why everyone wants to change everyone?this is what you like to do and leave others to live as they want…you have to know the other very well before you can advise him what to’re not him and he’s not you.

listen at 2:03-2:07.the lyrics says it all…
New Order — “Regret”

because misery loves company, and people who have no control over themselves always want to try to control others.

magick is NOT a religion, it is an action.

religion is bullshit.

because misery loves company, and people who have no control over themselves always want to try to control others.

magick is NOT a religion, it is an action.

religion is bullshit.[/quote]
a big LIKE on this one.