Christ sigil

I was listening few chants and the last one was this gregorian chant.

Under its influence I decided to make a sigil or seal for any Christian or just RHP follower. And also I wanted to check if I still remember how to use gimp. Enjoy:


@anon25000386 ?

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Huh, but i just want to ask um was “Christ” ever a REAL person/spirit or just a thoughtform?

Using the Chi Rho symbol to represent Christ may be a bit sketchy as, if I remember correctly, the earlier sources say that Constantine was praying to Sol Invictus at the time when he supposedly recieved the symbol.


One of Christ’s names is AGLA


I’m sorry idk on this one @dagar

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Um…no, it’s not lol

AGLA is a form of Kabbalistic shorthand, called notarikon, and is believed to be an acronym for “Attah gibbor le’olam, Adonai,” translated as “O Lord, Thou art mighty forever.”

It is not a name.


According to my book on white magick, it says it’s another name for Christ as well I read

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Your book is wrong, then, and the author should really study up on his Hebrew. It’s part of a Jewish prayer called the Amidah.

I think it is also important to point out that Jews don’t pray to Christ.


@DarkestKnight is correct

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It’s true due to the fact that Christ is considered (by them ) as a prophet not as God’s son.

No, that’s a doctrine of Islam. Judaism doesn’t assign any theological importance to Jesus because he is perceived as nothing more than a heretical rabbi. Opinions about him in different sects range from total ambivalence to personal antagonism.

It’s also worth to note that what you’re saying doesn’t make much sense because Christ means Messiah. The title of Christ should be used only by Christians when talking about Jesus.


I checked it out, you’re right. But maybe my book meant in ties to Kabbalah since it’s kabbalistic mixed with Catholicism lol