Choronzon ft. King Paimon (a somewhat long story)

My first ever experience with a spirit was a terrifying encounter I had with an insanely ravenous “void entity” that appeared to me in a dream, who i now have identified as choronzon.
My dream was really quite a normal, mundane dream until a blacker than black “window” opened up as if something was ripping a hole in the dream itself and instantly i was locked onto by whatever it was. my dream self was paralyzed and fixated on the “window” and eventually it started pulling me in as if by an inescapable force of gravity. a “face” appeared in the void and the only way i could describe it was if someone scattered small shredded pieces of white paper across the surface of black water and they arranged themselves into a terrible face. it psychically shouted extremely violent things at me and about power and hunger as it continued to draw me in closer until i was inches away from its “face” and the threshold of the window. i’m a very light sleeper and i could feel myself hyperventilating and my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest irl as i was having this experience in-dream. the sound of its voice, which was like a cacophony of insane, raving voices, was deafening due to how close it was to me. it was like watching a train barreling toward you but being unable to move. i was entirely convinced that if i passed over the threshold into its grasp i would surely die.
finally, i was able to pull away from it at the last moment.
i woke up and suddenly the sound of a very loud bell went CLANG right next to my ear. and it was over.
i was totally baffled at what i had just experienced. never had i ever had a dream so intense or that felt like it had such dire consequences. it was nothing like sleep paralysis or anything i had ever known before.

in the following weeks, i did a little research on spirits in general trying to find out what entity this possibly could have been and came up dry (until somewhat recently). i was ready to give up on it when suddenly king paimon reached out to me and appeared to me very vividly. he was happy to see me and i actually felt and saw him hug me, or rather conceal me with his robes/cloak. i felt protective energy from him and i asked him about the entity. he seemed hesitant to go into detail, but he said he was “working on it” and “not to worry” and he reached into the sand to pull out a crown and put it on my head. (I interpreted this gesture as one of friendship or sort of an expression of taking me under his wing.)

Suffice to say, i certainly was not ready for such an intense experience as i had in that first dream. it really knocked me on my ass. im grateful that king paimon felt the need to reassure me. i was in a very empty and hopeless place when i had the dream and perhaps it was attracted to my mental weakness. i have a feeling i will need to face choronzon at some point in the future when i am stronger, but for now king paimon, in his generosity, seems to be doing his part to keep it at bay until then. if it appeared to me in fullness again any time soon i would certainly be overcome.

the entity appeared to me one other time in a dream but its “window” was not able to open up all the way.

before, i was a chaos magician but after this experience i almost had no choice but to become involved in the goetia. i apologize for the length of this, but i haven’t had very many people to speak about this to and it occurs to me that it may be of interest to some here for documentation’s sake.

thank you for listening!


This happened to me when i go to sleep after going for a light trance.

Anyways i really like it.


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Do you have a journal on this site? If not, perhaps you should start one. I like the way you write and I would definitely read it. Thanks for sharing, btw.

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thank you very much. i’m still getting used to using this platform and i have trouble sometimes with journaling consistently, but i will definitely consider it!

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This site actually helped me make journalling a daily habit. I always had a hard time sticking to it, and now I’ve been updating it every day, or every few days if I’m especially busy.

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