Choosing your ethnicity in your next incarnation

Does anybody know if its possible to reincarnatie as the ethnicity of your choice? I really have a desire to be Japanese in the next life


Admittedly, I’m not an expert in the subject, but I don’t think you can control what ethnicity you become in the next life.

Can anyone else here confirm or deny?

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Might be possible to request Gods who originate in that ethnic group to guide your soul to incarnate as one of “their people”



I think the best you could hope for would be to become a powerful enough magician so that you can forcefully take over the body of someone of Japanese descent upon death.

Of course, it is rightfully called the most dangerous magick because you will have to fight and banish the current spirit occupying said body, and run the risk of being displaced permanently or destroyed.

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The Rowan Tree Church (Wiccan) specializes in that type of magic as a community. They are in the State of Washington USA but their community is world wide and connects via the internet. You may want to check them out.

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That’s called force reincarnation right? It kind of scares because if you fail in destroying the spirit already in the body, you die spiritually which I assume would be permanent

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If it’s in accordance with your greater plan, yeah. I think you can.
Of course, I also believe that all of our lives are occurring simultaneously, due to the true nature of Time. So you might be able to meditate and find that life. Then you can answer your own question with certainty.

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Well these days people chose their gender so I don’t see what’s wrong with chosing your ethicity. I mean if the genitals we were born with mean nothing why should our dna mean anything ? (lol)

It doesn’t quite work that way.

And no one said it wasn’t possible, but to consciously choose your next incarnation will require a power and skill level that will take lifetimes to acquire. That’s why I said your best bet is the forced possession. That is a skill that can be developed in a single lifetime, but conscious reincarnation is something not even the reincarnations of Buddha can pull off. The monks that search out such things have to be guided by visions and prophecy in order to find them because they can incarnate anywhere in the world.


I don’t know much about that variety of reincarnation but it sounds interesting.

I’m not talking about force reincarnation it’s different. There is no displacing another spirit. I think the Rowen Tree Church is about choosing to reincarnate with in a certain community but you would have to contact them about how they do it. Knowing their ethics they would never do force reincarnation.

That reply you quoted was in reference to what I had written about, not your post, in case there was some confusion.

Have someone agree to have a child after you’re dead and give that child to you. Sign it over in a contract. Give them about 5 bucks in exchange, that’s a fair deal. Then boom, whenever their kid is born its all you buddy dive in.

I don’t think any serious parents would do that to their kid.

Realistically it could probably only be done with close friends/family or a close community. Your child will be inhabited with someone regardless; why not a close friend of yours?

Lol the hard part would be explaining to them what your trying to do, they might think your crazy

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Haha most likely. If they don’t believe in it, they might agree anyway. Ideally though they would be on the same path as you, or at least have some understanding and be interested in such things.

There is a common belief that if you die in India, you may come back in a Hindu family if you have acquired the energy signature to do this through sufficient understanding of principles from the Hindu texts, and have worked faithfully with the gods.

I think it’s eminently possible and would (with respect) be both easier and less prone to problems than hijacking a body; courting Japanese deities and studying the culture will attune you, and then reading various texts like the Tibetan “book of the dead” which describes some of the factors that affect one’s rebirth.

Also core shamanism explores afterlife desitnations and that would be a valuable thing to study, I can’t recall if you had the most recent revision of the tutorial I wrote for this so I’ll PM it after posting this, see what you think.