Chiris astral projection journal

I’m starting a journal to track my progress.

Last night was my first real try after reading about what I need to do. I laid down comfortably when I was quite tired, then called upon Duke Sallos to assist me. I ignored the random itches that always seem to pop up when you get comfortable. I closed my eyes until I felt my body get slightly heavier, then I would open them just barely enough to see my phone. I repeated this for a long time until my body felt incredibly heavy and tingly with my breathing slow and calm. Somehow I managed to leave my body.

I looked down at myself in bed, which was rather hard to do as my vision was quite blurry and my eyes barely open as they were in bed. I decided to jump to see what would happen, and I floated out through the ceiling and immediately saw nothing but water moving rapidly below me- I could not tell where I was. When I tried to press further, my vision faded out and I was back in bed.

I cannot tell if I was dreaming or not, but I am excited to see if I can train myself to be gone longer. It lasted what felt like 10 seconds, if that.


Last nights attempt did not go well at all. Whenever I was able to start making my body heavy, I would get horrendously itchy and I could not focus through it.

Perhaps I need to go to bed earlier when I attempt it tonight, and change into what I wore for my first attempt.

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Last night was also a complete failure. I was able to get my body completely heavy and relaxed, I even started seeing colored shapes floating around- and yet I could not leave my body. I’m not sure what to do as I cannot visualize things. I tried gathering my energy and moving it ‘out’, but that didn’t work, either. I read about some techniques I could try- will attempt tonight.


How was your 4th attempt did you have any success?

You can use this itch to boost your astral body! Any time you get it before you sleep or during your attempts try itching it with your astral body! It is really frustrating but at some point you will realize you got a hand out to itch!!! You might even think that you did it physically because it felt so real…
Good luck

This is clever, I will try this. Every night since my last post has been a failure. I wonder if not being able to visualize mentally is hindering me from leaving my body, or if I’m just too ‘weak’ energy wise? I cannot for the life of me figure out how I left my body initially.

I can quickly make my body very relaxed and feel stone heavy when I attempt to move, as well as having a completely calm and relaxed breathing as if I am actually asleep…but I just cannot leave my body. I try to use my energy and jump out, but it feels like I’m physically hitting a ceiling when I try to do so.

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Seems you got the physical feelings down! So build that. Don’t visualise and rely on your physical sensations for a while! Remember it’s ok not to see! You can be on the astral even before your eyes activate.

I have a skin disorder and a tendency to itch… I figured I was itching with my astral hands at some point during my sleep paralysis…

I should probably train my astral body a bit before I attempt to leave my body again, I’ll do your suggestion and set being able to ‘itch’ myself as my goal. Once I do that I will try again. My only issue is that as soon as I get my body heavy (I can do this rather quickly, now) I have no more itching. It will be some work on my end to keep myself from hitting that stage!

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It’s OK then do some other moves! Like touching your face astrally, to motivate your astral body. Any simple astral movement in place should help a part on your body to get out.
You can also do the rotation method or stairs! Feel the movement instead of visualising it.
Good luck